How to Win at Spaceman Casino Game – Best Strategy for Pragmatic Play’s Crash

Spaceman is an adaptation of the viral Crash game, which has been incredibly successful among Bitcoin casino players.

Spaceman is designed by Pragmatic Play, a studio known for numerous top-notch slots. However, unlike slots, in Spaceman you actively shape the gameplay. The winnings and the duration of your gaming session depend on the decisions you make. That is why it is vital to follow the winning Spaceman strategy described below.

Pragmatic Play's Spaceman vs. Regular Crash

Despite their widespread popularity, crypto Crash games have two major drawbacks:

  • They are developed by Bitcoin casinos in-house, meaning players cannot be sure if they are safe;
  • They use simplistic graphics that look improper in the era of modern online casino games.

Spaceman has neither of these. Foremost, the game is developed by Pragmatic Play, one of the dominant players in the online gambling industry with a proven track record. The studio used all its resources and expertise to create an extremely colorful game that is just as enjoyable as their slots.

But perhaps the most impressive feat is that the developer was able to keep the game exciting. Like Crash, Spaceman is a multiplayer game where players can watch each other's actions and engage in chat. The maximum win at Spaceman is 5000x. Can you wait for it when the multiplier reaches 100x, 500x, or 1000x? See for yourself with Spaceman at LTC Casino!

How to Play Spaceman Casino Game

Just like in any other casino game, you place a bet at the beginning of the round. You can choose a new bet, repeat the previous one, double it, or set up the autoplay.

The astronaut starts at the 1.00x point and gradually ascends. So does the multiplier. The longer the flight goes, the bigger the multiplier. Eventually, the astronaut crashes, thus finishing the game round. If you do not collect winnings by this point, you lose.

When you are satisfied with the multiplier or feel the astronaut is about to crash, click on the 'Cashout' button to claim your winnings. In Spaceman, you can also take half of the current winnings and continue the game with the other half. This feature may be handy for implementing winning strategies in Spaceman.

You can also preset the multiplier to claim the winnings with the auto cashout feature. Therefore, you can be certain you do not miss the right moment and follow your Spaceman strategy as intended.

You will see the results of the last 20 rounds at the bottom of the game screen, and clicking a special button reveals the statistics for 500 rounds. You can also watch the results of other players, open a chat tab, or contact support.

And these were all the features that you will find in Spaceman. Undoubtedly, Spaceman is an easy-to-learn game that any player can dive into from the very first rounds.

Best Strategy for Spaceman from Pragmatic Play

The winning Spaceman strategy is based on a series of tips and tricks. That's how you can streamline the gameplay and avoid losing all the money before you finally hit a big multiplier.


You don't even need to place a bet to watch how Spaceman is played. If you open the game in your browser, you will see the same thing as the other players who have placed their bets. Those just starting out with Spaceman should definitely take a few minutes to get a feel for the game before betting real money.


You will be surprised, but the simplest Spaceman strategy can be implemented with just one button. Set the auto cashout to whatever value you want, be it 2x, 5x, or 20x, and your game will be much more ordered from now on.


In Spaceman, you have the option to collect half of your winnings and continue playing with the rest. It would be unwise to ignore it. For instance, seasoned Spaceman players prefer to take half their winnings upon hitting the 2.00x mark. This way they can fully regain the money spent on the bet and risk the remaining amount for a much larger multiplier. Notably, the Cashout 50% feature can also be triggered with the auto cashout button.


The Martingale strategy suggests you double the bet after each losing round until you win.

As a Spaceman strategy, the Martingale system might be applied like this:

  • You bet $2 and set the auto cashout to 2.00x;
  • You lose and bet $4 with the same settings;
  • You lose again and bet $8;
  • This time around, you are lucky and win $16.

The total bets value is $2 + $4 + $8 = $14. If you complete the described steps, you will be able to recover the lost money and receive one initial bet as a profit.


When using the Reverse Martingale betting strategy, you should double your bet after each win.

  • Similarly to the example above, you bet $2 and set the auto cashout to 2.00x;
  • You win and bet $4 on the next round – all the money you won in the previous one;
  • You win again and bet $8;
  • If you win the third time, you will get $16.

With the Reverse Martingale strategy, you can take full advantage of winning streaks and achieve a reasonably good profit from a small initial bet within just a few rounds. Watch the game for a while, and you will see that such winning streaks in Spaceman are not so rare. If you lose, go back to the original bet size.


No Spaceman strategy will work if you don't have enough money in your account. When using the Martingale strategy, you must have sufficient reserves to cover at least a few consecutive doubling events. And if it is the Reverse Martingale strategy, be prepared to lose multiple times before you finally hit a decent winning streak.

In simple terms, you should not bet too much if you cannot afford it.


It is equally important to measure the risks. Depending on your preference, you may strive for a higher multiplier and reduce the bet accordingly, or you can collect winnings at the earlier stages and therefore bet more.


Players who regularly cash out their winnings tend to achieve better results than those who burn through the money chasing bigger multipliers. Experienced Spaceman players usually go after larger multipliers when they already have a significant profit and avoid taking extra risks if things don't go so well.


Some things are better to avoid when playing with the Spaceman strategy. For instance, the results of previous rounds should not guide you. Statistical information at the bottom of the game screen is a curious feature, but it serves no other purpose. Realize once and for all that the results of the future rounds in Spaceman are NOT dependent on the previous ones.

Naturally, what is occurring in the game may affect your perception. You may be tempted to take bigger risks after a large win for no other reason than your emotions. The auto bet and auto cashout features will help you avoid being impulsive when implementing the Spaceman strategy.

Spaceman Predictor

Spaceman Predictor is a software that claims to assist Spaceman players in predicting the best moment to withdraw their winnings. The developers of this software promote it as a way to exponentially grow one's winnings by predicting the moment of collapse in Spaceman. However, the reality is that Spaceman Predictor is a scam.

The Spaceman game is based on a certified random number generator, and no one, including the developer, can know the result of a round in advance. If a working Spaceman Predictor existed, it would cause the game developer to suffer enormous reputational damage and potential legal consequences. Additionally, all Spaceman-enabled casinos would go bankrupt, while the creators of this software would quietly profit rather than advertise its existence.

The only aim of Spaceman Predictor is to make players lose money by providing them with random multipliers that have no correlation to the game. In the worst case scenario, players may even pay for software that does not work. Therefore, the only way to increase one's chances in Spaceman is to use Spaceman strategies, but they don't guarantee winning either.

Where Can I Try Spaceman Strategy and Win?

There are numerous excellent online casinos where you can play Spaceman. The game brings together a common pool of thousands of players from all supported casinos, which makes the gameplay even more exciting.

One of these casinos is LTC Casino. We offer a full collection of Pragmatic Play games, Spaceman included. You can also play other variations of Crash, handily collected in a special section on our website.

The advantages of playing Spaceman with LTC Casino do not end there, as we offer:

  • Access to the best casino games from anywhere in the world;
  • No KYC anonymous gambling;
  • Instant withdrawals;
  • Spaceman with multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC).

Try the best strategies for Spaceman from Pragmatic Play at LTC Casino now!

Spaceman from Pragmatic Play Strategy FAQ

Can I make money playing Spaceman by Pragmatic Play with a strategy?

Like other casino games, Spaceman comes with a negative expected value (EV) for the player. No one can guarantee a stable result in the long run, regardless of the strategy used.

Is Spaceman worth playing with a strategy?

Spaceman is an exciting game that brings out many emotions and may significantly increase your balance. A strategy for Spaceman from Pragmatic Play enhances your control over the game, so it is always wise to follow one.

How much can I win at Spaceman?

The maximum bet in Spaceman is 0.001 BTC. Hence, landing the max multiplier of 5000x awards up to 5 BTC.

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