Best Bitcoin Casino to Gamble With Crypto – NO KYC

Many players have been puzzled by the spread of Bitcoin casino gambling lately. This is understandable since many of these Bitcoin casinos offer lucrative bonuses, quick withdrawals, and numerous other benefits. At the same time, Bitcoin differs from traditional payment methods and fiat currencies, so an unprepared player may face certain difficulties when using it. After all, you will see that playing at a casino that accepts Bitcoin is much simpler than it might seem.

What Are Casinos That Accept Bitcoin?

Bitcoin casinos are different from traditional online casinos but concurrently very similar to them. As you might guess, the main difference is the payment method used to deposit and withdraw funds. Nevertheless, the game process remains virtually the same. But first things first.

Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. As of today, Bitcoin is the most trusted and popular cryptocurrency in the world. Bitcoin is different from traditional payment methods as it uses a decentralized computer network powered by thousands of individuals. There is no central authority that would control the network.

The decentralized structure of Bitcoin defines its key advantages, due to which more and more casino sites are abandoning fiat currencies in favor of digital ones. Bitcoin gambling has become a natural extension of traditional real money games and has only grown in popularity over time.

In simple terms, a Bitcoin casino is an online casino that allows players to deposit and withdraw money in Bitcoin. These casinos can use Bitcoin as both a payment method and in-game currency. Most Bitcoin gambling sites use standardized rules and a set of games while empowering players from a financial standpoint.

Most importantly, when gambling with Bitcoin, you don’t even have to give up casino bonuses. Moreover, the quality and size of bonuses at Bitcoin casinos often exceed those of regular casino sites.

What To Look For When Choosing a Bitcoin Casino

To choose the right casino with Bitcoin, it's crucial to consider a few key factors. Our editors have meticulously outlined these essential considerations below, guiding you to make an informed and secure decision in selecting the ideal Bitcoin casino.

User reviews

When using any service, especially if it involves large sums of money, it is worth finding out what other people say. Unfortunately, when it comes to finance, there are risks of scams, and Bitcoin casinos are no different.

Naturally, authors of these reviews may be biased, for example, if they lost large sums of money. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to what exactly casinos are criticized for. If many people confirm that the casino rejects withdrawals without a good reason, it’s better to avoid such a website. If users mainly write that “slots are dead and empty”, but do not complain about operational issues, then the problem may be related solely to their perception of the situation.

Return to Player (RTP)

When choosing a Bitcoin casino, check return to player (RTP). It should be clear that gambling comes with the negative expected value for the player. Nevertheless, RTP is the thing that determines how much you statistically lose with each bet. While it may seem like there is no significant difference between the RTP of 98% and 95%, it is quite noticeable on long timelines.

Generally, table and live games have the highest RTP, while in some slots it can be quite discouraging. In most cases, you can find the game’s RTP in its dashboard.

Bonuses and loyalty program

Many Bitcoin casinos offer similar games, but bonuses and loyalty programs make them different. The gambling business is highly competitive, that’s why casinos seek to offer players generous bonuses for the first deposit, as well as additional rewards such as reload bonuses.

However, if the casino offers too attractive bonuses, there may be something wrong with it, for example, there may be problems with withdrawals. As the saying goes, if something is too good to be true, then, most likely, it is. If in doubt, look for reviews from other players.

Supported cryptocurrencies

Several cryptocurrencies are advantageous for gambling. In some ways, they can be even better than Bitcoin. Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Tether (USDT), and XRP are recognized among the dominant ones.

The more cryptocurrencies the casino accepts, the better for the player. Nowadays, for example, it is hard to imagine a full-fledged crypto casino without Litecoin, which enables faster and cheaper transactions than Bitcoin.

Supported jurisdictions

Although Bitcoin is not controlled by any government, the casino’s terms may state that players from a particular country are not allowed. Check the terms before making a deposit.

In addition, different countries have their own laws regarding cryptocurrencies, online casinos, and the taxation of winnings. If you are planning on joining a Bitcoin casino, it’s better to familiarize yourself with the legislation that may apply in your case.

Why Choose Our Bitcoin Casino?

Long transaction processing times, high fees, stuck payments — these things are all very well familiar to casino players who use bank accounts and debit cards. Bitcoin was invented as a response to the modern financial system’s shortcomings that are also evident when playing at online casinos.

By using Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals in LTC Casino, you can eliminate the possibility of your transaction being frozen by the bank. The problem is that the payment system is flooded with various intermediaries, which increases the likelihood of an error or delay. When transferring money via Bitcoin, there is only a transparent network between your wallet and the casino.

In addition, the presence of intermediaries entails severe financial costs. Banks are in the habit of increasing the cost of their services after exceeding a specific transaction amount. The Bitcoin network doesn’t care whether you send $1 or $1,000,000 — the processing fees will be the same.

Fortunately, more and more people are coming to realize why it is crucial to control their money and not rely on banks. This leads to Bitcoin becoming more widespread over the years, and the online casino industry is no exception.

Best Bitcoin Casino to Gamble With Crypto – NO KYC

No KYC Bitcoin Casino

Increased privacy is undoubtedly a crucial advantage of Bitcoin transactions. Still, many crypto casinos request verification, thus preventing their players from maintaining anonymity.

LTC Casino is one of the few no KYC Bitcoin casinos. Notably, no verification gambling will satisfy even those who don't care much about their anonymity. Due to our unique approach, everyone in the world can freely play at LTC Casino, and withdrawals are instant, even if you're ordering it for the first time!

Bitcoin Casino Games We Offer to Players

Probably, the best way to illustrate Bitcoin adoption is by the variety of games available with crypto. A few years ago, Bitcoin gambling was quite an exotic thing, and players had to go through the trouble of searching for a place to play. Nowadays, even well-known casino brands are forced to add Bitcoin, realizing how large this market segment has become. Rest assured, almost all known types of online gambling are available with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Casino Slots

Foremost, these are all kinds of slots. Their number is estimated at over 10,000 now!

Bitcoin Slots are on par with games from traditional online casinos in regard to quality and trustworthiness. The thing is, Bitcoin casinos offer mostly the same slots that you can play with traditional currency – it's just that they have been adapted for crypto. Therefore, the best development studios recognized far beyond the crypto gambling space heavily contribute to the creation of Bitcoin slots.

You will encounter an extensive collection of Bitcoin slots at LTC Casino, including bonus buy slots, crypto jackpot slots, and classic slots. With us, you can play your favorite games and take advantage of Bitcoin as a payment method.

Bitcoin Casino Table Games

Furthermore, all hot table games, including their live dealer versions, have been adapted for playing with crypto. The most popular Bitcoin Table Games include Bitcoin Blackjack, Baccarat, Crypto Poker, and Crypto Roulette, to name a few, but this is far from all.

Table games at LTC Casino are divided into two broad categories: live Bitcoin table games and Bitcoin table games based on the random number generator. RNG games are better suited for those who want to quickly win a round or two in Blackjack, for example. However, live games are much more prevalent, as they bring your gambling experience with Bitcoin closer to what happens in brick-and-mortar casinos.

Bitcoin Casino Live Games

Each Live dealer Bitcoin casino has live game shows such as Crazy Time, Dream Catcher, and Monopoly Live make up a separate category. They have become a genuine breakthrough in the gambling industry over the past years and are also available with Bitcoin.

Players choose Bitcoin live game shows for the unique gameplay. They combine elements of live dealer games, TV game shows, wheel of fortune, board games, and even slots. This creates unparalleled and exciting entertainment available to LTC Casino players with Bitcoin.

Apart from the breathtaking gameplay, you can expect massive payouts in Bitcoin live game shows sometimes exceeding the original bet by tens of thousands times.

Bitcoin Casino Instant Win Games

Bitcoin casino instant win games are a popular form of online gambling that offers immediate results to players. These games encompass a wide variety of formats, including Plinko gambling games, Bitcoin Crash games, Bitcoin Dice, Bitcoin Minesweeper and others, where results are generated on the spot, hence the term "instant win".

The introduction of Bitcoin as a mode of transaction has significantly enhanced the appeal of these games, especially among tech-savvy audiences. This marriage of quick-play digital gaming and Bitcoin has paved the way for a modern gaming experience that aligns with the digital age.

Game Providers Available at Our Bitcoin Casino

LTC Casino joins forces with the world's leading providers to ensure your access to the best Bitcoin casino games at any time. On our website, you can play slots created by such renowned studios as Pragmatic Play, Habanero, BGaming, Spinomenal, Tom Horn, Platipus, and Endorphina. And if you prefer Bitcoin live games, tables from Evolution, Pragmatic Play Live, and Lucky Streak await you 24/7.

Playing with Bitcoin is beneficial because you can try the complete game collection. Some providers support exclusively Bitcoin, so their games are not available for other cryptocurrencies. That said, LTC Casino presents an extensive collection of Bitcoin games that is not inferior to what some of the biggest traditional online casinos have to offer.

How to Deposit Money to an Online Bitcoin Casino?

You can quickly get to play in Bitcoin casinos. Importantly, you don’t have to buy a whole coin. Just buy a fraction of Bitcoin and deposit any desired amount. For example, by depositing only 0.005 BTC you will be playing with an equivalent of more than $100. The next question you’ll have is how to choose a BTC casino to gamble with your Bitcoins. Don’t forget that before depositing, you may consider reading casino’s rules and check out whether you need to verify your identity in the casino or not.

How to Buy Bitcoin?

Buying Bitcoin can seem like a daunting process, but only until you try it for the first time yourself. There are many trusted platforms where buying Bitcoin is no different from using traditional payment services. Simply link your debit card, bank account, or PayPal account, and just in a few minutes you will have Bitcoin in your account.

Even so, we recommend that you pay attention to the reputation of the trading platform because, along with proper exchanges, there are many fraudulent offers. Some of the most trusted services for buying Bitcoin online with fiat currencies include Coinbase, Binance, and Gemini.

Depositing Your Crypto to Our Bitcoin Casino

To make a deposit to a casino using Bitcoin navigate to the “Deposit” tab and choose Bitcoin in the list of available cryptocurrencies. The casino will create an address for you to send the deposits to. Copy and paste it to the service provider where you store your Bitcoins. Most providers will automatically calculate optimal fees depending on the current network conditions. After you approve the transaction, wait for the confirmation on the blockchain, and you are ready to play!

It normally takes about 10 minutes to deposit Bitcoin into a casino. This is the average confirmation time for a transaction on the network, so it can vary both up and down.

How to Withdraw Your Winnings in Bitcoin Casino

Withdrawing funds from a Bitcoin casino like LTC Casino is simple. Go to the “Wallet” section and select Bitcoin as your withdrawal currency. Then, enter your Bitcoin wallet address and the desired withdrawal amount. Our system will confirm your request in real-time, and you will get BTC into your wallet soon, usually within a few minutes. If this is your first withdrawal with the current address, be sure to verify your wallet via the link in your email.

One of the main advantages of LTC Casino is instant withdrawals. Thus, after filling your request, you will have to wait the same 10 minutes before the money is displayed in your Bitcoin wallet. We covered this in more detail in how long to wait for a deposit/withdrawal when gambling for BTC.

Where Can I Store My Bitcoin Winnings?

After you withdraw your winnings from a Bitcoin casino, you have a few ways to store them.

  • 1. Hot wallet A Hot wallet is software for everyday use which allows you to spend Bitcoins instantly. The best-known hot wallets are Exodus, Electrum, Mycelium, and Trust Wallet. When using a hot wallet, the most important thing is to write down your private key and keep it safe because you may need it to regain access to the funds later.
  • 2. Cold wallet A cold wallet is a device that you can connect to your computer when needed. The most popular cold wallets are Ledger and Trezor. Cold wallets come with a 24-word seed phrase that you should never disclose to anyone, as intruders can use it to unlock the wallet and steal your funds.
  • 3. Exchange Alternatively, you can keep your Bitcoins on an exchange that will manage private keys for you. You have to trust the exchange as you don’t control the private keys, but it makes Bitcoin much easier to use. Moreover, you can easily convert your Bitcoins to a fiat currency at an exchange without sending them to any other address.

Playing with Bitcoin at BTC Casino: Pros and Cons

To sum up, let’s cover the main advantages and disadvantages of using crypto when playing at a casino. Whether you are playing at LTC Casino or anywhere else, it’s important to make an informed decision when choosing a cryptocurrency. It is impossible to single out one cryptocurrency that would be better suited for gambling than others. We recommend that you take a closer look at various options and bear in mind their specifics.

Pros of casinos with Bitcoin

  • Play with the most widespread cryptocurrency: easy to buy, convert and store;
  • Transfer your money hassle-free: no more lost transactions because of banks;
  • Thousands of games are available, including slots and live games, just like with traditional currencies.

As you can see, Bitcoin makes a decent gambling option with several advantages. However, it has its own drawbacks, so it may be inferior to other available payment methods. When you play at a casino with Bitcoin don’t be scared of mBtc, mLtc, or, mEth. It’s pretty easy to calculate if you understand their meanings.

Cons of casinos that accept Bitcoins:

  • Higher fees and longer processing time compared to some other cryptocurrencies.

We understand why players may be hesitant when picking Bitcoin as their casino deposit method. Indeed, nobody wants to pay more and wait longer when you can pay and wait less. That’s why here, at LTC Casino, we have added support for multiple cryptocurrencies, so each player can choose something for themselves. If you still have questions about BTC casino, browse through our Bitcoin casino FAQ to get further information.

Bitcoin Casino FAQ

  • Why is Bitcoin good for online gambling? Bitcoin offers enhanced anonymity, faster transaction processing, and reduced fees. In addition, the Bitcoin network is protected from interference, which means no one can freeze your transaction. These advantages make it a worthy alternative to traditional payment methods for real money gambling, as we have previously shown in our Bitcoin gambling guide.
  • Do casinos accept Bitcoin? Yes, many casinos accept Bitcoin. In addition to specialized crypto casinos, more and more traditional casinos are starting to support Bitcoin. These casinos use Bitcoin as a deposit and withdrawal method and may offer BTC-denominated games. Most often, players can also play with dollars or euros, even if they make a deposit in Bitcoin.
  • Are there any limits for deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoin? By itself, Bitcoin has no restrictions on the transaction amount. However, such limitations may be imposed by the casino. Usually, casinos limit the minimum deposit and the maximum withdrawal amounts. Check the corresponding information in the casino’s terms.
  • Can I cash out winnings via Bitcoin? Yes, you can freely cash out your winnings via Bitcoin. To do so, first, you need to withdraw your winnings from the Bitcoin casino to an exchange that supports traditional money conversion. Most often, the exchange where you originally purchased your Bitcoins will work.

    You will need to sell Bitcoin for fiat currency and then link a payment method to your account on the exchange. Many exchanges process withdrawals to bank accounts, credit cards, and third-party payment systems, including PayPal.

  • Does your casino ask for a government ID when you deposit Bitcoins? Most likely, you want to play at a no ID online casino when you deposit with Bitcoin. The good news, LTC Casino does not require verification from players who deposit with Bitcoin. To put it differently, you can withdraw your winnings in BTC without having to provide any documents or other obstacles.
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