USA Casino Affiliate Program

The online gambling industry is continuously expanding, and during the last couple of years, many people got interested in becoming casino affiliates. However, some of you might not understand fully what casino affiliate programs are and how they work. In fact, a casino affiliate program is a system that functions as a partnership between an online casino and a website owner. These websites are usually filled with content like casino reviews and casino games reviews.

After an agreement between the two sides, the website owner (marketer) can generate his own affiliate links. When any player registers an account at the casino via the unique affiliate link, the system recognizes that the player came using an affiliate link and will be permanently marked as his referral. Then, the website owner can start receiving commissions according to the agreed commission plan, which can be Revenue Share, Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), or a Hybrid model. If you are interested in a lucrative casino affiliate program that accepts US traffic, continue reading and learn how you can use it to your advantage.

Best USA Casino Affiliate Program

What is USA Casino Affiliate Program?

The USA casino affiliate program is an affiliate program for online casinos accepting US traffic. If you are into online gambling and casino affiliate marketing, chances are that you are aware of the complicated gambling laws in the US. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t start receiving passive income by becoming a casino affiliate. In the following few sections, we will let you know how to be one of the best US casino affiliates.

Casino Affiliate Program for US Residents

As mentioned above, you should know that even if you are living in the USA and have US traffic to your casino affiliate website, you can still work as a casino affiliate. Then, your players can play any of the thousands of crypto games, including live casino games, online slots, and table games. The best casinos for US casino affiliate partners are the fully anonymous ones (they will never ask for KYC). In addition, both you and your players are allowed to use VPN software for an anonymous and secure gambling experience.

Why USA Casino Affiliate Program

There are tons of casino affiliate programs nowadays, but the majority of them have hidden terms and conditions which can restrict you in a number of ways of getting your earned cash. By becoming a casino affiliate partner, you will start enjoying the numerous benefits that come with the partnership. We are speaking of high commissions, lowest admin fees, payouts in Bitcoin, anonymous registration, and no negative carryover.


One of the things that you are going to like most about the casino affiliate program is that some of them are crypto-focused. It means that you are going to receive your commission in Bitcoin. Receiving crypto payments will make it easier for you to stay “under the radar”. However, if you have to declare your profits, we advise you to consult with an accountant first. The commissions are being paid out every first day of each month, and you will receive the payment within 5 business days. For those of you that prefer other payment methods, Skrill, Neteller, and Bank Transfer are going to be your alternatives.


Now, let’s talk about the high commissions you can get from US casino affiliate programs. If we are being honest, the commission plan is the most significant factor when choosing a casino affiliate program. The default commission plan that most casinos offer is the Revenue Share model. This model will generate commissions every time a player spends money at an online casino. The percentage of the profit depends on the number of first-time depositors (FTD) you will bring in a single calendar month.

First-Time Depositors RevShare
0-5 FTD 25%
6-15 FTD 30%
16-20 FTD 35%
21-30 FTD 40%
31-50 FTD 45%
51+ FTD 50%

For example, if you bring 37 players during the month of October, you will be earning 45% of the casino profits from that group of players. Then, if you manage to bring 51 players during November, you will be receiving 50% RevShare from all of your referred players.

However, some other casino affiliate programs for the USA also offer other commission plans like CPA and Hybrid deals. Keep in mind that these plans are not fixed, and every affiliate partner receives an individual plan based on the value of its players. For instance, if you choose the CPA deal, you will receive a one-time payment for each first-time depositor you bring to the crypto casino.

When looking for a great casino affiliate program, you should look for one that does not have a negative carryover. That means that even if your players made a huge profit during the course of a single month, you would start the following month from scratch. Furthermore, it will be much more beneficial for you to receive lifelong commissions from each of your players because you will be earning profit even if your referral starts playing years after the initial sign-up. Also, the minimum withdrawable amount at some US friendly casino affiliate programs is pretty low - 20 dollars, which is excellent for beginners in the casino affiliate world.


You can bring all kinds of traffic. This fact is of crucial importance because some programs do not accept players from many countries, therefore, you won’t be receiving commissions from those players. So, you are good to go if you have European, Asian, LATAM, African, or USA traffic. Just create an account at a casino affiliate program and start earning passive income on a monthly basis!

How to Join Casino Affiliate Program for USA Market

To start working as a casino affiliate, you will have to register an affiliate account. Usually, you should look for a “Sign Up” or “Register” button, click on it, and begin filling out the registration form. When you are done, just confirm your data by clicking on buttons like “Register” or “Confirm”. Then, you shall just wait for some time until your application is approved. Now that you are aware of all the benefits of becoming a part of a casino affiliate program that accepts US traffic, you can focus on bringing as much traffic as possible!

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