Anonymous Tor Casino

Thousands of users choose the Tor browser for its unrivaled anonymity. However, many online casinos have restrictions against anonymous gambling. Playing there via Tor, you risk breaking their terms and having your money forfeited. The good news, you can play anonymously at our Tor casino with complete peace of mind.

What Should You Expect From Tor Casino

Tor casinos differ in supported games, withdrawal speed, and other factors. However, most Tor browser online casinos share identical benefits that make them attractive to players.

Financial Privacy

Speaking of private Tor gambling, we primarily imply financial privacy for players.

The best Tor browser online casinos use cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals, so they can operate independently of the traditional payment system. It also increases your financial privacy because deposits sent to Tor casinos do not appear on bank statements.

What's more, Tor casinos operate outside the regulatory perimeter. Hence, they do not have to comply with the requirements that make gambling at traditional online casinos so onerous. Most importantly, they don't carry out time-consuming checks of your deposit methods and source of funds.

Anonymity for Players

However, the benefits of anonymity in Tor gambling go beyond payment methods. Tor casinos do not collect personal data, further enhancing your privacy.

People are increasingly realizing why it is important to stay anonymous on the Internet, and Tor users are one of the most proactive groups in this regard. At an anonymous Tor casino, you do not run the risk that your data ends up in the wrong hands. Data leaks may have disastrous consequences: from your credentials getting included in malicious databases and spam mail lists to hacks and life-threatening acts.

Unfortunately, all computer systems are vulnerable to hacks. Therefore, the only way to be 100% secure is to play at anonymous casinos, since they don’t collect your data in the first place.

Tor Casino Online - 100% Anonymous, All Games Available

No Restrictions for Tor Gambling

Tor gambling is free from restrictions that you may face in traditional online casinos. This also applies to their games. Providers routinely limit the list of countries where you can experience their products. Licenses and other regulatory requirements may dictate these restrictions.

The Tor browser enables you to change your virtual location. As a result, game providers will see you in a different country, not subject to their restrictions. Contrary to popular belief, Tor casinos may offer more, not fewer, games than their traditional counterparts.

Why Play in LTC Casino

Online gambling on the deep web still has a substantial drawback. It is not uncommon for deep web casinos to disappear after a short time, so it may be challenging to find a trustworthy Tor gambling website.

Thanks to its unique approach, LTC Casino combines anonymous gambling of Tor casinos with the reliability of public internet services.


Like other Tor browser online casinos, LTC Casino allows you to play anonymously. You are not required to provide personal information or submit identification documents during the sign-up or withdrawal stages.

But no KYC Tor casinos promise even more benefits. For instance, you can instantly cash out winnings at LTC Casino, even if this is your first withdrawal request. Furthermore, you can play from anywhere in the world and don't risk your data getting leaked out.

Crypto Oriented Tor Browser Casino

LTC Casino offers gambling for cryptocurrency, a payment method with a high degree of anonymity. LTC Casino is a crypto-friendly Tor casino that offers flexible digital currencies support unseen at traditional online casinos.

Our Tor casino supports the most popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Tether (USDT). We aim to ensure that your deposits and withdrawals are as smooth and fast as possible. Please select the option that best suits you, and we will do our best to meet your expectations.

All Games Available

Playing on the deep web, you will mostly encounter low-quality games developed directly at deep web casinos. LTC Casino, in turn, joins forces with the most prominent game studios. That’s why our game selection is comparable to what some of the largest traditional online casinos have to offer.

Bitcoin Slots

Enjoy your favorite slot machines at our Tor casino. LTC Casino features thousands of Bitcoin slots from top providers such as Pragmatic Play, Habanero, BGaming, and Endorphina. Many players have recognized the quality of these games, while various legal certificates and attestations prove their fairness. These include such enticing options as buy bonus slots, Bitcoin jackpot slots, classic slots, and numerous other thrilling titles.

Bitcoin Table Games

A Tor casino is impossible without crypto table games. At LTC Casino you can play all popular table games, including crypto poker, Bitcoin roulette, baccarat, and online Bitcoin blackjack. Our table games are available in multiple variations with different rules, such as European or American roulette. Further, games may differ in style and bet limits, so any player can easily pick something for themselves.

Live Bitcoin Casino Games

Bitcoin live casino games make up a standalone category. There are the same table games, but instead of the random number generator, they are hosted by a live dealer via video broadcast. And not to mention live game shows, which are especially popular among players at Tor browser online casinos.

Most Tor users are aware of the threat posed by JavaScript to their privacy. That said, the Tor browser supports JavaScript by default, as it is an integral part of the modern web, and most websites will not work without it. JavaScript is also required to run the games at LTC Casino. However, we never install third-party scripts that could endanger the privacy of our players.

Bitcoin Instant Win Games

Bitcoin casino instant win games are a modern form of digital gambling that offers players the chance for immediate rewards. With a broad selection of game types like crypto Plinko, online Crash games, and Bitcoin Dice, these games are known for providing instantaneous outcomes, hence the term "Instant Win." The games are easily accessible and straightforward, with the thrill of immediate results adding to their appeal. The transparency of the blockchain technology, which underlies Bitcoin, allows for publicly verifiable outcomes, ensuring fairness and randomness in the games. This fusion of Bitcoin and quick-result games presents a unique gaming experience that's fitting for the digital era.

How to Start Playing in Tor Casino

You don't need special knowledge to start playing at Tor casino and increase your anonymity.

  • 1. Visit the LTC Casino website;
  • 2. Sign up with your email and password. Use a separate email if you want to avoid revealing the primary one;
  • 3. Make a crypto deposit;
  • 4. Play your favorite games and win!

Then, you simply need to specify your crypto wallet and withdraw the winnings. We will process your request immediately, without asking for personal data or an ID.

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