Online Casino with Manual Flushing | No Reverse Withdrawals

Imagine the following situation:

  • A person deposits money into an online casino and wins a large amount;
  • They submit a withdrawal request and start waiting for its approval;
  • They cancel the withdrawal request during the pending period and lose all the money;
  • They feel bad for not waiting longer.

Many players do not even need to use their imagination because they have already been in such situations. Winning can make you feel like your luck is endless. However, the game math takes its toll eventually. Players who continue to play indefinitely lose money because winning streaks are always replaced by losing ones.

If you have also experienced similar troubles and would like to prevent them in the future, you will find a solution at manual flushing online casinos. Once you place a withdrawal request, you will not be able to cancel it. Even though you may still have to wait, you will avoid compulsive gambling and get your winnings after all.

Lock Withdrawals Online Casino

What is Manual Flushing in Online Casinos?

The term 'manual flushing' may bring to mind various associations. In the online gambling industry, manual flushing is a service provided by the casino upon your request, allowing you to lock funds on your balance until they are transferred to a third-party payment system.

You contact the casino support staff and ask to lock up a certain amount. An employee transfers the money to a special section, where it will be held until the casino sends it to you using your preferred payment method.

The opposite of manual flushing is 'reverse withdrawal'. It allows you to cancel any pending withdrawal so that the money returns to your active balance. Players may cancel withdrawals when they need to change the payment method or decide to continue playing.

Why Manual Flushing Casinos?

Most online casinos take time to process withdrawal requests. This is necessary to check your ID or betting history. The pending period may last only a few minutes but it also may take days. If you are fortunate enough to win a large jackpot, the casino may ask the game provider for confirmation. Such checks can stretch even for weeks. All this time the money will be on your balance available for play.

With a sufficiently long pending period, the vast majority of players experience a breakdown. They cancel their withdrawal requests and resume playing. They may even be lucky at first, but a losing streak comes sooner or later.

Then, the player tries to win back the money that was originally ordered for the withdrawal. They may be lucky again, which just makes them think they are immune to losses. All of that leads to a predictable and bitter ending.

The situation above is rather common – this is just how human psychology works. Being well aware of this, some shady casino operators may deliberately delay withdrawals. The manual flushing feature, on the other hand, is considered a mark of casino quality and reliability. There is no need to test your temperance without a cause – play in the best manual flushing casinos.

How Do Manual Flushing Casinos Work?

As the name implies, manual flushing is performed by the casino support staff at the player's request. Casinos do not always indicate whether they offer manual flushing or not. You can check the relevant information with the support desk and then set all required locks at once.

Let's assume you win $10,500. A solid victory for most players, wouldn't you say? You contact support and ask to lock $10,000 on your account. From this point forward, this amount cannot be used to play, no matter how you try to persuade the casino staff. With only $500 available for gambling, you don't have to worry about losing the rest of the money.

Curiously, at a manual flushing casino, you will be less tempted to continue gambling. When you submit a withdrawal request, you make a conscious decision. But then, the temptation appears precisely because the funds are available on your casino balance. Manual flushing casinos allow you to avoid this temptation.

It is worth noting that manual flushing should be requested upon each new withdrawal. Only a few casinos offer the manual flushing service that works automatically and permanently after you activate it once.

Types of Manual Flushing Casinos

Strictly speaking, a manual flushing casino is a gambling website where the player needs to contact support in order to put a lock on their withdrawal. Still, there are other types of online casinos that offer protective covering for your winnings.

  • Online casinos where funds are not debited from the balance present the greatest risk for a compulsive gambler. Let's say you try to withdraw all of your funds, but the account continues to display the same amount instead of changing to zero. If you play at such casinos and experience a lack of self-control, be sure to contact support to learn how you can protect your winnings;
  • Most online casinos deduct money from the balance but allow you to cancel the withdrawal at any point. You can reverse the withdrawal manually or via support. If the casino does not offer a manual flushing service, use one simple trick. Almost all casinos have a self-exclusion option, allowing you to restrict gambling for a short period, such as a day or a week. This time will be enough for your withdrawal to get processed, and you will not lose the money while waiting;
  • However, casinos that provide instant withdrawals are the most favorable for players. Your withdrawal requests are approved within a few seconds, literally in real time. Therefore, you receive money before you can cancel the withdrawal request and lose.

What Is the Best Manual Flushing Casino?

As mentioned above, manual flushing casinos are among the best in the industry. Such casinos place the interests of their players above all and protect them from the decisions that may bring bitter feelings.

If you are looking for the best manual flushing casino, be sure to try LTC Casino. Significantly enough, you won't even have to apply for a withdrawal lock because our system is set up to process all requests immediately.

Manual flushing is especially relevant when you order your first withdrawal from a casino. At this stage, most casinos complete KYC checks that can take up to several days. But this is also not a problem at LTC Casino because we do not request KYC, so even the first withdrawal will be instant.

How do we achieve that? LTC Casino accepts deposits and pays out winnings using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, an advanced payment system that is not tied to any state. As a result, crypto casinos such as LTC Casino can avoid the restrictions usually associated with traditional online casinos.

There are more advantages to using cryptocurrencies in online casinos. For example, LTC Casino accepts players from all over the world and allows gambling with a VPN. That said, LTC Casino is not inferior to other manual flushing casinos in terms of available games. With us, you can play Bitcoin slots from such providers as Pragmatic Play, Evolution, Endorphina, Amatic, Habanero, BGaming, and Spinomenal. These include bonus buy slots, Bitcoin jackpot slots, classic slots, and many more exciting categories. Also, be sure to check out our live dealer Bitcoin casino section featuring such popular titles as Bitcoin roulette, crypto poker, and online Bitcoin blackjack. Additionally, our collection boasts a wide range of games with instant winnings. Among those, you'll discover online Crash games, Plinko gambling games, Bitcoin Dice games, and even Bitcoin Minesweeper.

Everyone can easily start playing at a manual flushing crypto casino. Take a few minutes to figure it out once and enjoy the unique benefits of crypto gambling for the rest of your life!

Manual Flushing Casinos FAQ

What casinos do offer the manual flushing feature?

All casinos working under the license of the UK Gambling Commission are obliged to provide manual flushing. In other casinos, this option may be available on a case-by-case basis.

How can I find out if the casino offers manual flushing?

Casino support will give you all the relevant information. LTC Casino, in turn, guarantees instant withdrawals, so the money will reach your wallet before you can even set up manual flushing.

Should I play at casinos without manual flushing?

If you have a reason to believe you may lose your winnings before your withdrawal request is approved, you should never play at casinos without the manual flushing feature. The only exception is instant payout casinos that outperform even manual flushing casinos when it comes to withdrawals.

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