Jogo Do Bicho for Bitcoin Online | Win Up to 17000x

Chances are you have never heard of Jogo Do Bicho unless you reside in Brazil, where this game has acquired the status of a cultural phenomenon. Jogo Do Bicho spawned a whole wave of superstitions that have penetrated the lives of many Brazilians, even those who have never been interested in gambling.

The popularity of Jogo Do Bicho is not accidental. This is an incredibly exciting game where you can multiply your bet by 17,000 times! With online Jogo Do Bicho for Bitcoin, this game is now more accessible than ever before.

What is Jogo Do Bicho?

Jogo Do Bicho translates literally as 'animal game'. It originated at the end of the 19th century in the Rio de Janeiro zoo. Its owner would invite visitors to guess which animal was concealed behind the curtain. The game featured 25 animals with a numerical range assigned to each. Those who guessed correctly received prizes.

Over time, people started to play Jogo Do Bicho outside the zoo - first in Rio de Janeiro and then throughout the country. It is believed that the original popularity of Jogo Do Bicho stems from the fact that it was possible to bet virtually any amount, while the maximum payout could be as high as 10,000:1.

Throughout history, the country's authorities have sought to ban Jogo Do Bicho in every possible way. Nevertheless, the game thrives to this day. Fortunately, with LTC Casino, you can now play Jogo Do Bicho legally online.

Why Play Jogo Do Bicho Online?

Since Jogo do Bicho is banned in Brazil, games have traditionally been organized by mobsters called bicheiros or simply bankers. Whether to trust them is a personal matter for each player. With Jogo Do Bicho online, there can be no such doubt, because computer-generated results are completely random and fully protected from fraud.

If you grew up in Brazil, you probably know how to play Jogo Do Bicho. To everyone else, the game may seem exotic and based on a cryptic set of rules. The creators of Jogo Do Bicho online took this into account and included a detailed guide to the game. There, you can find all the necessary information, including rules, bet types, and payouts. Moreover, the game starts with a short tutorial where you can get to know the gameplay of Jogo Do Bicho in practice. And if that's not enough, with LTC Casino, you can play Jogo Do Bicho for free as long as you wish.

Furthermore, playing Jogo Do Bicho online is simply more favorable. You can access the game at any time from anywhere in the world without having to look for a banker. Jogo Do Bicho online also offers extra tools such as autoplay, random betting, and a history of previous rounds. All of that reflects positively on the gaming experience.

Notably, the classic version of Jogo Do Bicho has a maximum payout of 10,000x, while in the online version, it can reach an incredible 17,000x. In this regard, Jogo Do Bicho online outperforms not only its real-life counterpart but also the vast majority of online casino games.

Another advantage is associated with the ability to play Jogo Do Bicho for Bitcoin. Bitcoin is not controlled by authorities, meaning anyone in the world can use it without restrictions. What is also important, Bitcoin has low fees and a high transaction processing speed. This is a significant improvement over Jogo Do Bicho for traditional currency.

How to Play Jogo Do Bicho with Bitcoin?

LTC Casino offers Jogo Do Bicho for Bitcoin from BGaming, an acknowledged leader in the crypto casino game space. Jogo Do Bicho from BGaming has a simple interface and nice graphics.

First, you need to select a bet type. There are two bet types in Jogo Do Bicho for Bitcoin:

  • Bets on animals. You choose from one to five animals depending on your current game mode.
  • Bets on numbers. As we have already mentioned, each animal in Jogo Do Bicho has its own numerical range. You need to guess two, three, or all four numbers. To place a bet of this type, activate the advanced mode at the top of the game screen.

You can make unlimited bets on animals and numbers in a single game round. After selecting the size and the type of the bet, all you need to do is click the 'Play' button at the bottom of the game screen. Then, five animals will pop up out of the boxes. If they match your selected animals and numbers, you will receive a cash prize according to the paytable.

The payouts depend both on the matches and their sequence. For example, you place a bet on a specific animal. If it appears in the first box, you will receive a payout of x12, and if in any other - x3. Guess all five animals to get the maximum payout of a whopping x17,000! You can also lock your choices to repeat them in all subsequent rounds.

Jogo Do Bicho LTC Casino Screenshot

Strategies for Jogo Do Bicho Online

At its essence, Jogo Do Bicho is a numerical lottery, akin to Bitcoin keno games, so the same strategies will work with it. The Jogo Do Bicho winning strategy allows you to increase your odds and play in the most optimal way according to your goals.

  • Manage your bankroll. To have a good time at an online casino, you need to manage the bankroll properly. In other words, you should only play with money you are ready to lose and avoid betting too high in risky situations.
  • Choose proper bet types. There are two bet types in Jogo Do Bicho, which are further divided into five and three types, respectively. The selected bet type determines the risk level directly. Generally, the higher the maximum payout for the bet, the higher the risk. In Jogo Do Bicho online, you can place multiple bets in the same round. Take advantage of this feature. For example, you could gamble a larger amount on one animal, since these bets win more often, and a smaller amount on five animals in an attempt to get the maximum payout.
  • Do not rely on past results. Jogo Do Bicho online enables you to view the results of previous rounds. You may even feel as though there is a certain pattern in the game. For example, if an elephant appeared in the first box three times in a row, the player might assume that the fourth time there would be the same animal. However, the results of each new round are completely random and do not depend on the previous results in any way. On the other hand, this means that you can equally rely on any perceived patterns if you like. But don't expect it to improve your odds.

Jogo Do Bicho is an exciting game with a chance to win truly colossal amounts. Everyone is free to decide how to play Jogo Do Bicho. In Brazil, there are many superstitions associated with Jogo Do Bicho that players rely on when placing bets. For example, they may be inclined to bet on a certain animal if an event associated with that animal or its number occurred in the real world. Although this is a controversial approach, it allows you to get closer to the way they play Jogo Do Bicho where it originated from.

Where Can I Play Jogo Do Bicho Online?

Jogo Do Bicho is quite a peculiar game, so it might be challenging to find a place to play it online. Luckily, at LTC Casino, you can play Jogo Do Bicho for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without restrictions while taking advantage of our most user-friendly conditions.

Here's what you can expect when playing Jogo Do Bicho at LTC Casino:

  • Jogo Do Bicho for Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies including Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Tether (USDT), and XRP;
  • Play Jogo Do Bicho from anywhere in the world. You can use a VPN if needed;
  • Jogo Do Bicho on mobile devices and desktop;
  • No KYC Jogo Do Bicho. We do not collect personal data or IDs;
  • Instant withdrawals.

Furthermore, you can experience other amazing games at LTC Casino, such as lotteries, slots, table games, and live dealer games. Enjoy the benefits of Jogo Do Bicho for Bitcoin online with LTC Casino now!

Frequently Asked Questions about Jogo Do Bicho Online

Can I play Jogo Do Bicho online?

Yes, you can play Jogo Do Bicho online at LTC Casino for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The version we offer to our players is very similar to the original game.

How much can I win in Jogo Do Bicho online?

The maximum bet in Jogo Do Bicho for Bitcoin is 3 mBTC. Thus, you can win over 50 BTC per round in Jogo Do Bicho online!

Is Jogo Do Bicho online legal?

Unlike the regular version, which is banned in most of Brazil, you can legally play Jogo Do Bicho online with cryptocurrencies without breaking any laws.