Wheel of Wonders

Last Updated on May 17, 2024 by LTC Casino Editorial

Wheel of Wonders is one of the crypto slots by Push Gaming. The game was released in November 2020.

The size of the game area changes from 6×3 to 6×6 reels, while the number of paylines — from 729 to 46,656. The maximum payout per spin can reach x47,233 of the bet.

Return to Player (RTP): 96.5%

Features and the main game mode

1. Winning combinations

Low-value symbols pay from 3 of a kind, and high-value symbols — from 2 of a kind.

2. Stacked symbols

Symbols can land in stacks, occupying a part of a reel.



3. Wild symbol

Wild substitutes for all other symbols and has no value of its own.

4. Additional positions

Locked positions open up when there is a winning combination.
One closed position opens for each different symbol in the winning combination.

5. Ancient Wheel

When a complete row of additional positions is added, the player is awarded an Ancient Wheel Feature.

The Ancient Wheel may contain the following prizes:

  • bet multiplier (maximum x5000)
  • spin multiplier (maximum x10)
  • special features.

6. Special features of the Ancient Wheel

The special features of the Ancient Wheel include:

a. Embellish
The most common symbol on the reels turns into a symbol of higher value.
After the transformation, the spin may continue.

b. Renovate
Each low-value symbol turns into a higher-value symbol.
After the transformation, the spin may continue.

c. Restore
Up to 7 new symbols are added above the currently available positions.
After the transformation, the spin may continue.
If several symbols are missing for opening all the positions, this feature may complete the full unlocking.

d. Transmute
2-7 symbols on reels 2-5 turn into Wild symbols.
After the transformation, the spin may continue.

Bonus game mode

1. Trigger

The bonus game starts when all closed positions are unlocked, so the game area has dimensions of 6×6.

2. Wheel of Wonders

In the beginning, the player is offered the Wheel Of Wonders that determines the initial multiplier of the bonus game.

3. Number of free spins

The initial number of free spins is set at 5.

4. Game area

Free spins are played with the maximum dimensions of 6×6 and 46,656 paylines.

5. Extra multipliers

At the top of the game area, there is a special scale for winning combinations.
When it gets filled, the bonus game multiplier increases.

In addition to multipliers, the wheel may contain a transition to a higher level.

6. Extra free spins

When the scale gets filled, the player is awarded extra spins:

  • 5 winning combinations = 2 extra free spins
  • 9 winning combinations = 3 extra free spins
  • 15 winning combinations = 5 extra free spins