Giga Jar slot by Push Gaming

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Giga Jar is an online video slot by Push Gaming released in March 2023.

The DJ with the coldest beats returns with their own game! Giga Jar is back and better than ever, head out to the dancefloor and get ready to thaw out those juicy fruits!

Return to Player (RTP): 96.48%

Giga Jar By Push Gaming

Giga Jar By Push Gaming



Fruit symbols individually range in value when formed in a cluster of five-of-a-kind or more, depending on the Fruit Symbol’s value and size of the cluster the wins are bigger.

When a cluster is formed, the winning symbols are removed and all remaining symbols on the board Collapse downwards. Also, new symbols drop from the top of the screen to fill all available positions on the board.

Fruits and Instant Prize Symbols will randomly drop into vacant spaces on the reels, with potential for further cluster wins if adjacent to four or more identical Symbols.


Wild Jar Symbol substitute for all paying Symbols. Any Wild Jar Symbol present in a cluster win will multiply the win by the Wild Jar’s multiplier value.

The Wild Jar Symbol starts with a multiplier value of 1x. Wild Jar Symbols that contribute to cluster wins will increase in multiplier value by 1 and jump to a new adjacent space on the reels.

Instant Prize Symbols will pay out when landing in a cluster of five or more, their values range from 1x – 1000x. Wild Jar Symbols multiplier value may contribute to the cluster win if present in the Instant Prize cluster.


After two winning cascades, the Snowball Feature can randomly trigger on the next non-winning cascade (no clusters). When the feature is triggered, between 1 and 2 Giant Paying Symbols are added to the grid, with one of the three sizes – 2×2, 3×3 and 4×4.

The Symbol will then disappear to reveal 1×1 versions of that exact Symbol type in its place on the grid. The Giant Paying Symbols can be either Paying Fruit Symbols or Instant Prize Symbols, but won’t substitute for any Wild Symbols covered, which will remain on the grid.


After two winning cascades, the Ice Breaker Feature can randomly trigger on the next non-winning cascade (no clusters). This feature can randomly remove 1 – 3 types of Paying Symbols from the grid, allowing new Symbols to cascade in and making clusters easier to achieve. This feature only affects Paying Symbols.


Once all three Wild Jar Symbols are in play, three more cascades will fill the Giga Jar meter and trigger the Feature. The Giga Jar Symbol appears in a random location as a 2×2 Wild Symbol, substituting for all paying symbols adjacent to it. Acting like 4 individual 1×1 Wild Symbols, the Giga Jar Symbol has a multiplier associated with it that starts at 1x.

The Giga Jar Symbol will payout on all adjacent symbols for 3 cascades, at which point it will become dormant. Three more cluster wins will reactivate the Symbol and increase its multiplier value to 5x. The Giga Jar Symbol can be reactivated through 6 levels, increasing from 1x to 50x at level 6. The Feature ends when there are no more clusters available and the Giga Jar meter isn’t filled again.


Use the Ante Bet toggle to instantly fill the first Wild Jar meter on your first spin! Simply pay to switch on the Ante Bet Toggle and your spins will automatically start each spin with the first Wild Jar on the reels. Please note that bet amount and Ante Bet Toggle are independent, paying to unlock Ante Bet will not contribute to your bet amount.



What is the maximum payout in Giga Jar?

The maximum payout in Giga Jar when playing with bitcoin is 10000x of your bet.

Can I play Giga Jar for free?

You can play Giga Jar slot without making a deposit. It’s enough to register and open the game or click “Play” button.

Can I win Bitcoins on Giga Jar slot?

Yes, a registered account would be the only option to play Bitcoin slots, including Giga Jar.

Can I play Giga Jar slot on my mobile device?

Yes, this game is mobile-friendly and can be played on any device.

How can I win while playing Giga Jar?

This is a licensed slot machine that generates random results and all you need is a bit of luck. Check the paytable to see how much you can win.

Giga Jar By Push Gaming

Giga Jar By Push Gaming