Crazy Time Casino

If you enjoy live games but have no desire to learn complicated rules, like in poker or craps, Crazy Time is the best option. Crazy Time casinos offer one of the most exciting games ever created for playing with real money. Crazy Time favorably stands out from other similar games thanks to its high winning potential and diverse gameplay with four different bonus rounds.

What is Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is a live game show with a wheel divided into 54 segments that may award a multiplier or a bonus game. The player is supposed to guess the segment the wheel will stop on. At Crazy Time live casino show, you can bet on a single segment or several at once not to miss a lucrative bonus round or a big multiplier.

Crazy Time Rules

At the start of a game round, players place their bets while the host spins the wheel. Next, the Top Slot feature triggers. It may assign an extra multiplier up to 50x to one of the segments.

After a few rotations, the wheel stops, and the flapper in its upper part determines the winning segment. Depending on the segment, players can receive a cash payout or win a bonus game. Segments with numbers pay out up to 10x, which goes up to 500x with the Top Slot multiplier, while wins on the bonus rounds may exceed the bet thousands of times.

Once the winnings are distributed, the players are offered to place new bets, and the wheel is launched again. Knowing these simple rules, you can start playing the Crazy Time <a href=/live'>Bitcoin live casino</a> game right away.

Crazy Time Game History and Demo

Before you start playing Crazy Time for real money, you'll probably want to watch the gameplay for a bit. You can easily do that by signing up at our casino. After a short registration, you will only need to open the game to see the same thing that happens on the screens of the players participating in the round.

On the bottom right of the Crazy Time casino interface, you will see the history of previous rounds. Check it out to get an idea of how the results may be distributed. However, the game history is not a good way to predict the outcomes of future rounds. Crazy Time stats may show bonuses, numbers, or their combination, but that doesn't determine what happens next.

Crazy Time Features

It is the bonuses that make the Crazy Time casino game so exciting. There are four of them. Crazy Time bonuses differ both in the winning potential and the probability of landing. For instance, there are four Coin Flip segments but only one Crazy Time on the wheel. Each bonus game in Crazy Time is unique and offers its own way to get big multipliers.


Coin Flip is a classic game of heads or tails with extra multipliers. However, you cannot lose in Coin Flip, and the coin is used to determine the winning amount. For example, one side may award a 2x multiplier, while the other one - 100x. With the Top Slot multiplier, the maximum payout in Coin Flip can reach 5,000x.


Pachinko is another notable game implemented as a bonus round at Crazy Time. In Pachinko, a puck descends along the screen, bouncing off the pins and changing its direction in the process. Finally, the puck reaches one of the multiplier pockets at the bottom of the screen. If the puck lands into a Double pocket, all payouts are doubled, and the puck is launched again. As a result, the maximum payout in Pachinko can be as high as 10,000x.


There are 108 multipliers on the screen. You need to guess which position conceals the biggest one. Each player chooses positions independently, so the results for different players may vary. One player can win 500x, while another only gets 5x, for example. Notably, in Cash Hunt, you have the opportunity to multiply your bet 25,000 times, which is the highest payout in the entire game.


For the Crazy Time bonus round, the host moves to another room. A larger wheel with three flappers awaits you there. You receive a payout according to the segment your flapper matches after the wheel comes to a stop. If it points to Double or Triple, the multipliers will be increased, and the wheel will be retriggered. This situation can happen more than once, so the Crazy Time bonus round maximum payout can go up to 20,000x.

How to Play Crazy Time and Popular Strategies

Thanks to simple rules, any player can immerse in the Crazy Time live casino show from the very first minutes. You only need to choose a bet and select a spot to place it. You can also bet on four number sectors or four bonus games at once by clicking on the area between them. Finally, you can enable the autoplay feature to repeat your bets over multiple rounds.

As we have already mentioned, when playing Crazy Time, you should not be guided by previous results, as they do not affect future events in any way. This is just one of many strategic recommendations you can follow to develop an optimal playstyle. Do you want to know how to win more in Crazy Time and hit the biggest multipliers? Then check out our Crazy Time strategy guide.

Where Can I Play Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is one of the most popular live games that can be found at numerous online casinos powered by Evolution. Therefore, it will be easy for you to pick a Crazy Time casino, but there may be different terms, including those not too favorable for a player.

If you are looking for a place to play Crazy Time for Bitcoin without KYC while enjoying instant withdrawals, consider LTC Casino. At our casino, Crazy Time is available for major cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and XRP. What's more, since you do not have to pass verification, you can play Crazy Time from anywhere in the world and use a VPN if needed.


Once you sign up at LTC Casino, all you have to do is make a deposit to start playing Crazy Time live. It is quite simple. Click on the "Deposit" button in the left menu and select a cryptocurrency. In order to play Crazy Time, you should make a deposit either in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or XRP. You can also view all the available deposit options in your casino player profile.

How to Play Crazy Time in the USA?

Games by Evolution, including Crazy Time, are not available to US residents, except for a few states that have licensed the provider. But this is not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure of playing Crazy Time. Simply find a trusted anonymous casino where you do not need to reveal your location. However, you may still need a VPN if Crazy Time doesn't show up among the available games. Before using a VPN, make sure that the casino of your choice allows doing that.

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