How to File a Complaint Against a Bitcoin Casino

You probably know that you should be careful when choosing an online casino. But contentious situations happen even on the most reputable gambling websites. And since these disputes may involve large amounts of money, each of the parties is actively interested in a favorable resolution for themselves. Fortunately, over the years the online gambling industry has existed, it has developed reliable mechanisms to fairly resolve disputes between players and casino operators without prejudice.

Bitcoin casinos deserve special mention in this regard. Crypto gambling is a fairly new area, so the solutions that already work in traditional games are just being tested here. This implies that you may need a different approach to resolve disputes with Bitcoin casinos. Let's figure out where to turn and how to properly file a complaint against a Bitcoin casino.

How to File a Complaint Against a Bitcoin Casino

Complaints About Bitcoin Casinos to Regulators

In the modern world, the resolution of disputes on legal and financial issues usually occurs with the involvement of state institutions. Among other things, this works in proceedings with traditional online casinos. Most online casinos have a license, which is required to connect to payment systems and the majority of game providers. The licensing information is commonly listed at the bottom of the online casino website. Check which country issued the license to the casino, so you know where to direct your complaint.

However, filing a complaint with regulatory bodies against a Bitcoin casino will most often be a waste of time. Some Bitcoin casinos operate without a license. This allows them to offer additional benefits to their players, such as anonymous gambling, which is prohibited by the terms of licenses.

But even if the Bitcoin casino has a license, it is unlikely to be helpful. Online casino licenses are meant to regulate real money games. Most countries do not recognize Bitcoin as money, nor do they have laws to regulate crypto gambling. You won’t complain to the regulator about problems with games for fun money, right?

Complaints About Bitcoin Casino to Dispute Mediators

When the state can’t do anything, it makes sense to turn to the public. In this regard, dispute mediators are surprisingly good at dealing with complaints against Bitcoin casinos and unlicensed casinos. These services exist on the basis of popular online gambling platforms, such as Casinomeister or Casino Guru. To better understand how they work, check out the complaints that were resolved at LTC Casino.

Online gambling is a highly competitive area, and its participants value their reputation. A high rating is often an even stronger warrant for players than a license. No major casino is free from complaints, but what matters is how the operators deal with them. Do they admit their mistakes when a player presents solid evidence? How considerate are they when a player is obviously wrong?

How to Properly File a Complaint Against a Bitcoin Casino with Dispute Mediators

If you play at a Bitcoin casino that does not react to complaints, most likely, you ignore the principle stated in the first sentence of this article. In all other instances, you have a chance to prove your case and resolve the situation in your favor with the help of Bitcoin casino dispute mediators.

Let's take a look at how you can file a Bitcoin casino complaint with Casino Guru.

  1. Find the required casino using the search bar at the top of the screen. Currently, the Casino Guru database contains about 5,000 online casinos;
  2. Go to the reputation tab, where you will find a button to file a complaint. If you do not have an account at Casino Guru yet, you will be offered to create one;
  3. The next step is filling out the complaint form. Specify the disputed amount and your currency. State the essence of the complaint in a special text field. The text can be up to 5,000 characters, so you can and should describe what happened in great detail. Remember that the complaint will be considered by the Casino Guru administration and their visitors. Successful resolution primarily depends on how persuasive your arguments are. Also attach screenshots and correspondence with the casino, if you have any;
  4. After the complaint is checked by the Casino Guru team, it will be published on the website. Be ready to answer follow-up questions, provide proofs, and challenge casino representative claims until the situation is fully resolved.

Tips for Filing a Complaint Against a Bitcoin Casino

Filing a Bitcoin casino complaint is rather straightforward. What is more important is how you collect evidence and defend your position.

  • Check out the casino’s terms and conditions. The interaction between the player and the casino is subject to the terms stated by the casino, which you accept when creating an account. There, you may find points to prove your case or find out that you have indeed broken the rules, so filing a complaint will make no sense;
  • Try to resolve the issue with Bitcoin casino support. Filing a complaint is the last resort when all other methods have been tried. Talk to the casino support staff in search of a compromise, and only then file a complaint;
  • If anything suspicious happens as you play at a Bitcoin casino, which may potentially threaten your funds, start collecting the evidence right away. Take screenshots, record videos, save communications with the casino and transaction logs. Some of this information may be included in the initial complaint, and some may be required later;
  • Don't make false claims. If you are caught lying about even relatively insignificant facts, it will be much more difficult for you to prove that you are generally right;
  • The complaint must include a specific demand. Most often, this will be the amount you think the casino is holding unreasonably. It is important to distinguish between a complaint and a negative review about a Bitcoin casino;
  • Be ready for a quick response. The complaint settlement is a multi-party effort that involves you, the casino representative, dispute mediators, and forum members. If the casino refuses to pay out the winnings, they should have some arguments that they will definitely state under your complaint. Furthermore, the dispute mediator and forum members may ask additional questions. The timeliness of your answers affects how long it will take to resolve the complaint;
  • On the other hand, you should not rush things. Obviously, the player wants to get the money in the shortest possible time. But you should not create multiple appeals on the same issue or file a complaint before the ending of an official investigation, if the casino carries out any.

If you are right and the casino is fair, the dispute will likely be settled in your favor, and you will get the money after all.

When You Should Not File a Complaint Against a Bitcoin Casino

Dispute mediators can help players get justice when casinos violate their interests in defiance of own obligations. However, according to statistics, most complaints get rejected. Let's figure out when you should not file a complaint against a Bitcoin casino due to an extremely low probability of success.

  • You violated the casino terms. This is a common reason why complaints against Bitcoin casinos may be rejected. Of course, it is hard for players to deal with the loss of winnings due to their own mistakes, but they can only blame themselves in these cases. The most frequent player mistakes that may lead to the confiscation of funds include playing from a restricted country, using false personal information, and violating bonus requirements. These situations are completely excluded at LTC Casino, as we do not collect personal data, do not require KYC, and do not issue bonuses that could prevent you from withdrawing your winnings;
  • Slow transaction processing. Your deposit will be credited to the crypto casino after a predetermined number of confirmations in the blockchain. If you deposit with Bitcoin, the average confirmation time is 10 minutes, but it can also exceed an hour in rare cases. What’s more, some Bitcoin casinos pay out winnings to bank cards, which can be processed for up to 3-5 business days. There is no way the casino can influence it. If you do not see your transaction, check with casino support. Additionally, make sure you use the correct deposit address and crypto network. If you are confident that the transaction was lost and the casino refuses to assist you in that, this is a good reason to file a complaint;
  • The casino delays payouts. Most online casinos have fixed withdrawal times. Typically, it may take up to a few hours, but in rare instances exceeds a week. Our advice is not to play at such casinos. A complaint will not benefit you, as the casino will say that they are reviewing the application within the established deadlines, and they will be right. LTC Casino, in turn, instantly processes withdrawal requests;
  • You play at a scam Bitcoin casino. If you play at a Bitcoin casino that does not value its reputation and has accumulated dozens of unresolved complaints, you can hardly expect that yours will be approved. Avoid such casinos by all means. This is why it is important to check casinos at dispute resolution services before making a deposit, so you can know how they handle complaints;
  • Your claims are unfounded. Some players file complaints in an attempt to return lost money under various pretexts. Since this is a predictable outcome of gambling and not a violation on the casino’s side, your complaint will be rejected.

These are some of the most common examples when players file complaints with zero chance of success. In all other cases, rationally assess the situation and, if the casino is truly dishonest with you, don’t hesitate to file a complaint.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bitcoin Casino Complaints

How long does it take for a complaint against a Bitcoin casino to be reviewed?

The timing of the complaint resolution depends on the specific circumstances and the timeliness of the responses of the parties. Typically, it takes from a few days to several weeks. Be patient.

Should I file a complaint against a Bitcoin casino due to in-game errors?

If you find an error in a game, notify the casino. Serious bugs require the involvement of the provider for a full-scale investigation, which can take more than a month. If you believe that the investigation results are broken, feel free to file a complaint.

What evidence should I attach to a Bitcoin casino complaint?

You can attach any evidence that will support your position. These can be screenshots from games or your casino account, records of the casino chat, or transaction logs.