USDT is a stablecoin developed by Tether and originally released in 2014. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, stablecoins are designed to hold a one-to-one value with other assets, in this case with the US Dollar. USDT is currently the biggest stablecoin in the market and supports many different blockchains, adding to its flexibility and ease of use.

Why you should consider USDT when playing at a casino


Stablecoins are a unique instrument of the cryptocurrency market due to their relative stability. It makes them a perfect match for all purposes unrelated to the speculations on the cryptoassets’ prices. Many investors use USDT to protect their gains from the notorious cryptomarket volatility. Others prefer to send money with USDT. USDT shares all benefits of other cryptocurrencies, but there is no need to worry about the assets’ value depreciation when sending money with the stablecoin.

Naturally, this is a handy feature for all casino players. Imagine you are sending a deposit to a casino with Bitcoin, but by the time the deposit arrives, Bitcoin’s value drops by 10%. Now you have less money. This is an unfortunate situation, to say the least. With USDT casino games, you are fully protected from the volatility, so the amount you send to a casino is always equal to the amount you receive in your account.


USDT is issued on multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, TRON, EOS, Algorand, and Solana. It means that you can quickly transfer your assets between the networks based on your current needs. For example, you can make a deposit in the TRON version of USDT and withdraw it in the Ethereum version, this way seamlessly getting exposure to another network. Such compatibility even allows to save on fees as you can choose the network with the lowest fees to transfer your USDTs.


USDT is pegged to the US Dollar in 1:1 ratio. It means that you can easily estimate your casino balance. When playing with Bitcoin, you see your balance in BTC which can be a fraction of a whole coin. You need to do some extra math to realize how much value you have in a traditional currency. Besides, Bitcoin tends to fluctuate a lot, so 1 BTC now is not the same 1 BTC in a moment when converted to a traditional currency. On the other hand, the displayed balance in USDT is always equal to the balance in USD.

How to play with USDT at LTC casino?

USDT is one of the most widespread cryptoassets in the market, so it is easily obtainable for playing Tether games. If you don’t know how to buy it, here is article about buying crypto for the first time, that will help you.

To make a deposit to LTC Casino using USDT navigate to the «Deposit» tab and choose «USDT» in the list of available cryptocurrencies. The casino will create an address for you to send the deposits to. Copy and paste it to the service provider where you store your tokens. Most providers will automatically calculate optimal fees depending on the current network conditions. After you approve the transaction, wait for the confirmation on the blockchain and you are ready to play!

How to store USDT?

There are multiple wallets available to store your USDT. It is preferable to use a multichain wallet so you can utilize the full potential of all supported networks. Consider Exodus Wallet or Trust Wallet, as they do offer multichain support, including various USDT versions.

You can also keep your USDTs on an exchange so you can easily convert them to money in your bank account.

Playing with USDT at LTC Casino: Pros and Cons


  • Stable value. USDT is a stablecoin, which means your assets retain their original value at any moment;
  • Flexibility. USDT supports multiple blockchains, so you can quickly transfer your assets between them;
  • Simplicity. With USDT your balance is actually displayed in USD, which is of a great help for not so crypto-savvy players;


  • Fees. Sometimes it may be expensive to transact in USDT if fees of the corresponding blockchain are high.


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