Santa’s Factory

Last Updated on May 17, 2024 by LTC Casino Editorial

Santa’s Factory is an online video slot by GameArt.

Return to Player (RTP): 96.32% to 97.9%

The slot features cluster pays and 5 purchasable bonus functions.

Features and the main game mode

1. Game area

The game area has dimensions of 7×7 (49 positions).



2. Winning combinations

Symbols pay if they border each other from 5 to 15 elements.

If the number of identical symbols exceeds 15, they still pay as 15.

3. Wild symbol

Wild substitutes for any symbols and has no value of its own.

4. Wild drop

Without extra features, Wilds can appear after the destruction of a highlighted winning combination.

In this case, 2 Wild symbols appear in the game area.

5. Destruction of winning combinations

Winning combinations are destroyed and replaced with new symbols in the course of the same spin.

6. Gift feature

On any non-winning spin, up to 8 additional Wild symbols can appear.

7. Enlarged symbols

When symbols form a square, they turn into one symbol with dimensions of 2×2 and gain a multiplier of x2.

Special features

  1. Explosion

Adds up to 8 Wild symbols to the game area, removing adjacent symbols.

2. Slice and dice

Places two diagonal lines with a random symbol of one kind across the entire board.

3. Destruction

Removes all low-value symbols from the board.

4. Swap shop

Converts a low-value symbol into a high-value symbol.

If there are no low-value symbols, any other symbol will be selected.

5. Santa Bonus

This feature starts after filling the meter on the left side of the game screen.

Wild symbols appear on the playing field in the following sequence:

  • One 3×3 Wild symbol;
  • Two 2×2 Wild symbols;
  • Nine standard Wild symbols.

Buy special features

The player can buy additional features at any point, from 2 to 5:

  • 2 features – x30 of the bet;
  • 3 features – x100 of the bet;
  • 4 features – x300 of the bet;
  • 5 features – x500 of the bet.