Reverse Martingale Strategy for Craps

Last Updated on March 17, 2022 by LTC Casino Editorial

Proper bankroll management and a good Craps strategy are two key elements to a successful Craps game.

You should take the time to study the Craps rules before you start gambling and this is the most important game strategy. If you have played Craps at a land-based casino, then you don’t need to worry as the rules and strategies used in Craps at an online Bitcoin casino are the same.

Benefits of Using Strategies

By analysing the various types of bets available at a craps table, and some of the possible game strategies to use, you avoid common mistakes made by players who do not know much about the game, and who end up playing impulsively rather than strategically. So by using a game strategy:

  • The player increases his chances of winning by significantly reducing the house edge;
  • The player can distribute his bets in the rounds in a more intelligent way;
  • There is a greater control of the game on the player’s side.


Reverse Martingale Strategy

It’s always good to have a plan, even more when playing Craps. Implementing a strategy for your game will prove to be useful, but unfortunately, not all strategies are equally effective. On the contrary, some may even cause you to lose more.

One strategy that is especially suited for Craps is Reverse Martingale.

If you’re a veteran of casino gaming, you’ve probably heard of the Martingale strategy. In this strategy, players are expected to double their bets after each loss and reduce them after a win. However, this is not a viable option, firstly because you can easily reach the table limit on a longer series of losses and secondly because you risk larger amounts of money to generate smaller profits. And of course, there is also the chance that the bankroll will be completely depleted before the player can get out of an eventual losing streak.

On the other hand, Reverse Martingale, which is the exact opposite of the Martingale strategy, has all the potential to be a suitable strategy for the game of Craps.

By using Reverse Martingale, the player will reduce their bets to their initial value when they lose and double the bet amount after a win. This will allow the player to risk smaller sums and eventually generate more substantial profits.

In other words, the player starts with a Pass Line bet of €5, a 7 is rolled, and the player wins. He continues by doubling his bet, making his second bet €10. Next, a Point is established with the number 4 and the shooter rolls a 4, before rolling a 7, so he wins again. By continuing to apply Reverse Martingale the bet is doubled again, so the third Pass Line bet will have a €20 value.

However, now the player will not be so lucky, and will lose his bet, and his money. Now, the fourth bet would be reduced to its original value of €5. And on this bet the player wins again. So in this example, in total, the player has lost €20, but won €30, which makes a profit of €10.

As you can see, when playing Craps it is important to know when to quit, especially since this is a game where you risk losing your winnings in a matter of seconds. Remember, greed is your number one enemy, discipline is your friend.