Lightning Dice Bets

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by LTC Casino Editorial

In Lightning Dice with crypto three dice are thrown and the game goal is to guess the sum of the outcome of these three dice. For example, if the three dice come up 3, 2 and 4, the winning bet would be 9. There are a total of 16 betting points, ranging from 3 to 18. Each point has its own payout, ranging from 5x to a maximum of 150x. This is, of course, before the Lightning multiplier comes into play. This is a pretty fun and fast-paced game.

Lightning Dice betting

Lightning Dice is a live game that takes place in a sober and elegant studio with a large transparent tower in the middle. A host is there to interact with players, to activate the Lightning switch and to roll the dice.

Players can bet on 16 different outcomes (3 to 18). The 3 is the lowest possible outcome (triple 1s) and 18 the highest (triple 6s). As these are very rare outcomes, they obviously pay the most (150x your bet).

In addition to the above bets, it is possible to bet on an individual number or several outcomes,

such as on a Low (3 – 9) or High (12 – 18) value, but these bets only pay 2x. This is not the most exciting play to make. It is also possible to bet on any single double which also pays 2x, or any triple, with this paying 25x your bet.

The returns on bets on single numbers are:

3, 18 → 150x

4, 17 → 50x

5, 16 → 25x

6, 15 → 15x

7, 14 → 10x

8, 13 → 7x

9, 12 → 6x

10, 11 → 5x

The Lightning Multiplier

After the players have placed their bets on the outcome of the dice roll, the host activates the Lightning switch, a random multiplier that can range from 5x to a maximum of 1000x, and this hits two or three of the possible dice outcomes

After the bets are placed, and the lightning strikes 2 or 3 results, the host places the dice on top of the Lightning Dice tower. The three dice fall randomly into the tower, hitting transparent rotating blocks and transparent pins, always followed by a camera until they reach the table.

When the dice stop, their sum total appears in the centre of the screen and the winning players are paid out, after which it’s time to start a new round of betting.