Crazy Pachinko, Red Door Roulette, Lightning Lotto – All New Evolution’s Games in 2023

Last Updated on May 17, 2024 by LTC Casino Editorial

Ask online casino players which live game provider is the best, and most will name Evolution without a second thought. The company has firmly secured its position within the industry by offering premium blackjack and roulette tables with highly skilled dealers, as well as captivating game shows that have revolutionized the perception of casino entertainment as a whole.

Evolution made waves in May 2023 with the highly anticipated release of Funky Time, a thrilling game show and a worthy successor to the timeless Crazy Time. This launch exemplifies Evolution’s knack for building upon past successes to deliver increasingly exciting and qualitative live games.

But the company’s ambition doesn’t stop there. Having a plethora of awe-inspiring releases in the pipeline, Evolution is set to amaze players with a diverse range of titles. These forthcoming releases include adaptations of other beloved games as well as entirely unique and innovative concepts.

We are delighted to share with you the exciting details of Evolution’s upcoming game lineup, promising an extraordinary future for the world of online casino entertainment. Make sure to read until the end, as that’s where you’ll find the most intriguing upcoming releases.

Lightning Lotto

What is the number one gambling game in the world? Lottery. Players have really been enjoying Evolution’s captivating lineup of bouncing ball games, such as Mega Ball, Cash or Crash, and Monopoly Big Baller. Notably, Funky Time also incorporates this exciting kind of gameplay in one of its bonus rounds.



There are a lot of people who are already very familiar with how the game works. Now, Evolution aims to build upon this well-known format and elevate the experience by incorporating additional multipliers, which are the hallmark of their Lightning game series.

In Lightning Lotto, you can buy one or multiple tickets in each game round. Then, five balls are drawn from one drum, followed by one ball from another drum. Every round, there will be a lucky Lightning number. If you have it on your ticket, the entire ticket’s winnings are multiplied. The goal is simple: just hope that the numbers that are drawn match the numbers on your ticket.

Like all lotteries, this game is pure and simple, but it brings a unique twist to the table. It will be a great expansion of Evolution’s bouncing ball games and a perfect addition to the Lightning family.

XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat

The other game coming to the Lightning family is XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat. Following the immense success of XXXtreme Lightning Roulette, Evolution is set to bring the same electrifying concept to the world of baccarat at Bitcoin Baccarat casinos.



The original Lightning Baccarat was released in 2020. Just like in standard Baccarat, players aim to predict whether the Player or Banker hand will win by having a value closest to 9. However, in Lightning Baccarat, a striking lightning effect illuminates one to five random Lightning Cards, each assigned a random multiplier. To earn a multiplier, players must match one of their cards from a winning hand with a Lightning Card. As the number of Lightning Cards in the winning hand increases, so do the multiplied payouts, reaching an impressive maximum of 512x on both Player and Banker bets.

XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat has everything of that game, but then more lightning and bigger multipliers. While the standard Lightning Roulette offered a maximum multiplier of 500x, XXXtreme Lightning Roulette had this value increased fourfold, up to a staggering 2000x. Evolution’s commitment to delivering heightened excitement and greater rewards suggests that we can indeed expect a comparable increase in the maximum multiplier for XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat.

Prosperity Tree Baccarat

While XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat is going to be a very volatile version of Live Baccarat, Evolution is also going to do the opposite of that and introduce an incredibly player-friendly game known as Prosperity Tree Baccarat. This unique variation combines the essence of Lightning Baccarat with an abundance of multiplier cards, offering players significantly increased opportunities to achieve a multiplied payout. With an emphasis on frequent occurrences of these lucrative multiplier cards, Prosperity Tree Baccarat aims to create a delightful and rewarding gaming experience.



Video Poker Live

While many players enjoy video poker, unlike some other games that are available in both digital and live formats, this game has only ever been tried in digital realms. Exciting news awaits as Evolution is currently developing a game that seamlessly combines the beloved purity and enjoyment of the digital video poker experience with the trust and social elements inherent in live casino games.

VIDEO POKER Live By Evolution

VIDEO POKER Live By Evolution

Video Poker Live takes the best of both worlds by offering players the opportunity to enjoy up to 100 hands simultaneously while retaining the freedom to select their preferred pay table. The game takes a unique approach as real decks are used to deal the cards, creating an authentic and immersive experience. From there, players engage in the traditional gameplay of video poker, embracing the familiar mechanics and strategies they love.

Gonzo’s Treasure Map

Devoted fans of Evolution’s games are undoubtedly acquainted with Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt. This game transports Gonzo, the explorer from the renowned slot game bearing his name, into the immersive world of a game show.



The original Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt game revolves around a colossal wall featuring 70 stones. To play, you choose which treasures to pursue and the number of chances you desire. Each new chance costs you an additional bet, and the total number of picks is limited to 20. At the end of the game, the wall reveals the final values of all the stones, allowing you to see if you’ve succeeded in your treasure hunt.

Despite its incredible atmosphere and even support for virtual reality, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt did not achieve significant success among players. It appears that the mechanics involving the selection of extra chances proved unfamiliar to many, ultimately affecting the overall gameplay experience in a negative way.

Gonzo’s Treasure Map is designed to address exactly this issue. The new casino game adopts a much more familiar betting style, akin to live roulette, where players can place their chips across a large map. Additionally, Evolution has incorporated a bonus round into the gameplay, which was absent in the original game, enhancing the overall experience for players.

Gold Vault Roulette

Another game that failed to meet expectations was Gold Bar Roulette. It was launched in July 2022 as a successor of Lightning Roulette and discontinued less than a year later. The primary reason behind its lack of success mirrors that of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt — the gameplay was too unfamiliar for players. In Gold Bar Roulette, players were offered to accumulate gold bars and then put them on different numbers in order to obtain extra multipliers. The complexity of this mechanic proved to be a significant hurdle, ultimately contributing to the game’s lack of popularity.



Now, Evolution is going to use an identical setting in their upcoming release named Gold Vault Roulette. However, Gold Vault Roulette promises to be a much lower volatility version of Lightning Roulette. With an abundance of multipliers, Gold Vault Roulette aims to deliver an enhanced gameplay experience, combining the allure of the gold vault with the thrill of multiplied winnings. It primarily caters to players who prefer a more cautious approach with more frequent, albeit smaller, multiplied payouts.

Crazy Pachinko

You probably know Crazy Coin Flip, Evolution’s game show that takes the most frequently hit bonus round in Crazy Time and combines it with slot gameplay. Building upon this successful formula, they now plan to recreate the excitement of another fan-favorite Crazy Time bonus round.

CRAZY PACHINKO Live By Evolution

CRAZY PACHINKO Live By Evolution

In Crazy Time, there is no bonus round more beloved than Pachinko. Just visit YouTube, and you will find numerous videos of Pachinko big wins. So, they are going to take the Pachinko feature and put it in with a live slot. The base game itself offers a richer experience, with sticky Scatters that you can use to make it easier to qualify for the next Pachinko round. And it will also include the highly sought-after top-up feature, which allows players to increase the potential payout once they are qualified.

With an array of delightful features, captivating visuals, and thrilling surprises, Crazy Pachinko is packed with all the bells and whistles that players adore.

Red Door Roulette

The next sensational addition to the Crazy Time family, where the world’s number one game show meets Europe’s number one game, roulette, is Red Door Roulette. This game embraces the iconic Red Door from Crazy Time and fulfills players’ desires for the much-loved Crazy Time bonus round.



In each round of Red Door Roulette, lucky numbers will be adorned with golden keys, some of which will even carry multipliers. Should the ball land on one of these fortunate spots, the host will unlock the red door and grant you access to the exciting world of Crazy Time.

As you enter the room, you’ll encounter a colossal wheel that takes center stage. Most segments on the wheel present an opportunity for a cash payout, while others hold the power to multiply all the payouts on the wheel. Then you need to pick one of the three flappers. Watch in anticipation as the wheel comes to a stop, revealing an enticing and potentially lucrative payout. But here’s where the excitement amplifies: if a flapper lands on a multiplier segment, all the payouts will be multiplied and the wheel will be triggered again. If you were looking for a shortcut to Crazy Time World, Red Door Roulette available at Bitcoin Roulette Casinos is the way.

Where Can I Play New Games from Evolution?

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