Cash or Crash Official Strategy from Evolution – Insane RTP of 99.59%

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Cash or Crash is a Bitcoin live casino game show released by Evolution in September 2021.

Return to Player (RTP): Up to 99.59%

You can play Cash or Crash with the following cryptocurrencies: BTCETHLTCXRP.

Before continuing, one savvy cash or crash strategy is to consistently bank half your winnings, aiming to build a rock-solid profit you can’t lose. Always watch the tips offered by the game’s two mini blimps—they’re your in-game financial advisors. And here’s a pro tip: when the percentage of red balls starts to eclipse the green ones, that’s your sign to cash out and keep those profits safe. The main tips when playing with this crash or crash strategy are:

  1. Bank Half: Start by banking half your earnings to build an untouchable profit cushion.
  2. Follow the Blimps: Pay close attention to the advice provided by the game’s two small blimps. They’re like your strategy sidekicks.
  3. Red Over Green: If you notice the red ball percentage surpasses the green, that’s your cue to cash out and secure those gains.

Cash or Crash General Description and Rules

The game is set in a blimp cruising over a metropolis. In the background, you will notice references to other Evolution games, including Crazy Time and Monopoly Live. The game is played with a ball drawing machine containing 19 green balls, 1 golden ball, and 8 red balls. The game aims to pick green balls at the top of the ladder. The golden ball provides a shield that grants one extra life. The game ends when a red ball is drawn unless the player has an active shield.

When a green ball is drawn or after a shield is broken, the player is given three options:

  • Continue – Stay in the game and continue to play with 100% of your potential winnings.
  • Take Half – Cash out 50% of your current winnings and continue the game round with the remaining amount.
  • Take All – Cash out all 100% of your winnings and end the game round.

All in all, there are 20 levels. The first level grants a payout of 1.2x, while reaching the top of the ladder brings you a massive multiplier of 18,000x! To put it into context, with a bet of only $5, by making it to the top you can win $90 000. Above that, when the shield is broken, payouts on the paytable are increased, up to 50,000x of the bet!

Play Cash or Crash Live with Bitcoin

Cash or Crash Betting Strategy from Evolution

You may have noticed a pair of blimps on both sides of the ladder showing the percentage chance of getting a green or a red ball. Since the green balls outnumber the red ones in the beginning, it may seem that the probabilities are high. However, don’t be deceived by the supposed simplicity of the game. The probabilities for consecutive wins should be multiplied by each other and, therefore may drop significantly after several balls are drawn.

The optimal theoretical RTP for Cash or Crash is 99,59%, which is very high for a casino game. To achieve such RTP, you should employ the basic strategy. Evolution itself develops this strategy and represents the most mathematically sound way to play this game.

According to the strategy, the player should:

  • Continue taking balls up until level 9 and then stop;
  • If a golden ball is drawn, continue until a red ball is drawn.
  • When a red ball is drawn after a gold ball, only continue if you are on Level 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11, 12, 14, 15 and stop the round after.

Other Cash or Crash Betting Strategies

It should be noted, that Cash or Crash is a game of high volatility, which means there will be many small wins and rare big wins. Therefore, several other strategies can be used to lower volatility.

1. Any Profit is Good

This strategy is akin to the “low-risk, low-reward” philosophy. When you opt for the “Any Profit is Good” strategy, your primary focus is on consistency. By cashing out as soon as the first green ball is drawn, which guarantees a multiplier of 1.2x, you are taking the path of least resistance. It’s ideal for those who are new to the game or prefer not to take high risks.

If you get a golden ball first, that’s a bonus, and you continue the game to see how far that takes you. While this strategy may not provide adrenaline-pumping action or huge wins, it offers a sense of stability and frequent, smaller payouts. The downside is that you’ll be a spectator when others rake in larger multipliers.

2. Break Even

The “Break Even” Cash or Crash strategy aims for balance. You’re not just limiting your risks, but also giving yourself room for potentially larger gains. By taking half of your profits with each win, you build up a buffer that allows you to continue playing without risking your initial stake. Over time, you can reach a point where you’re essentially playing with ‘house money,’ so to speak.

This approach gives you the latitude to either walk away with a moderate win or take riskier bets without significant personal loss. It’s a balanced strategy that merges both worlds: risk and safety.

3. All or Nothing

The “All or Nothing” strategy for Evolution’s Cash or Crash is for thrill-seekers and high-risk players. If you have a high tolerance for risk and are chasing large multipliers, this strategy aligns well with your objectives.

The premise is simple: don’t cash out early and aim for the high multipliers. Yes, the risk of loss is significant, but if fortune favors you, the gains could be substantial. With this strategy, the emotional ups and downs are extreme—either you lose big, or you win big. Make sure you’re mentally and financially prepared for either outcome.

4. Follow the Blimps

The “Follow the Blimps” Cash or Crash strategy is a data-driven approach. The blimps you see on both sides of the ladder display real-time odds, which can serve as an invaluable guide.

If the percentage of green balls in the drawing machine starts to fall below the percentage of red balls, it’s an indicator that the odds are not in your favor. At this point, you might choose to withdraw or take half of your bet. It’s a tactical way to leverage real-time information to make educated decisions.

Beware of This Lowest RTP Move

As well as the highest RTP, there is the lowest RTP in Cash or Crash, 94.51%. The thing is, the game provider has limited the maximum payout per round to $500,000. If choosing Continue would take you over the cap, your only option will be to take half or all.

Once you have bet the maximum limit, no additional funds will be accepted, and a message will appear above your bet to notify you that you have bet the maximum. Taking the payout may not be optimal in some situations, such as having a golden ball, so consider this risk when placing bigger bets.

Cash or Crash Strategies – Worth Trying or No?

Having played Cash or Crash extensively, we can honestly say the game is a rollercoaster of emotions. We’ve tried each of these strategies multiple times, but the ‘All or Nothing’ approach resonates with me the most. There’s something exhilarating about letting the multiplier climb while your finger hovers over the ‘cash out’ button. It taps into that same risk-reward dynamic that’s inherent in Ethereum gambling.

The screen’s pulsating colors and increasing numbers amplify the tension with each passing second. Yes, there have been moments of heartbreak when the game crashed right before we hit my target multiplier. But, when it works out, the thrill is incomparable. We’ve had rounds where we reached multipliers as high as 50x, which was exhilarating! On the other hand, ‘Any Profit is Good’ left us feeling like we were missing out, especially when we saw the multiplier climb high after cashing out early. Each strategy has its own appeal and drawbacks, and your experience will vary depending on your risk tolerance and objectives.


Cash or Crash is a live guessing game from Evolution with immensely high RTP and simple gameplay. If you are familiar with other Evolution games, like Crazy Time or Monopoly Live, you may find that Cash or Crash lacks features. However, it turns out that the simplest games can be the most entertaining ones. Cash or Crash enables only three actions. Still, it’s more than enough to try various strategies adapted for the players with different risk appetites. Playing with the Cash or Crash strategy allows you to get high RTP and win often in a distance.