Caribbean Stud Poker Optimal Strategy to Win More

Last Updated on April 26, 2024 by LTC Casino Editorial

Caribbean Stud Poker is one of the most common poker variations where players compete against the casino rather than against each other. In fact, this is a very simplistic poker version so the number of players’ decisions is kept to a minimum. However, even in such a simple game, you can make mistakes if you don’t follow the Caribbean Stud Poker optimal strategy.


Basic Tips for Caribbean Stud Poker

The stated Return to Player (RTP) for Caribbean Stud Poker from Evolution Gaming is 96.3%. However, the company warns that this value is only valid for the “optimal playstyle.”



So, how do you achieve the optimal playstyle and maximize your chances of winning? Here are some guidelines.

Learn the Basics

It is unlikely that you can successfully play any card game without knowing its rules. While the standard poker hands are familiar to most players, the payouts at Caribbean Stud Poker can still raise questions. They look like this:

  • Royal flush — 100: 1;
  • Straight flush — 50: 1;
  • Four of a kind — 20: 1;
  • Full house — 7: 1;
  • Flush — 5: 1;
  • Straight — 4: 1;
  • Three of a kind — 3: 1;
  • Two pairs — 2: 1;
  • All other combinations — 1: 1.

Accordingly, the higher the payout for a particular combination, the lower the probability. For example, a player has a royal flush as a winning combination only 0.0001% of the time, while with a pair or less it happens 11.75% of the time.

Know when to Call and Fold

To enter the game, place an ante bet. After you get the cards, you must make a key decision: call (continue the game) or fold (leave the game). Your decision will depend entirely on your five cards and the dealer’s open card.

Here is the main rule of any Caribbean Stud Poker basic strategy: call whenever you have a pair or a better hand. On the flip side, fold whenever your hand is worse than Ace-King.

Indeed, the winning Caribbean Stud Poker strategy looks so simple. Many players have been following it and successfully winning at Caribbean Stud Poker for years.

Set the Game Budget

Play poker with Ethereum, but keep in mind that despite all your attempts to break the odds, they are still on the side of the casino. Therefore, always allocate an amount you do not mind losing and do not let the situation get out of hand.

Should I Use a Poker Calculator?

On the Internet, you can find calculators for Caribbean Stud Poker. There, you can enter five player’s cards and the open card from the dealer’s hand to find out the most optimal decision. While such software may be of interest to a curious gambler, it is unnecessary. All moves are already reflected in the Caribbean Stud Poker strategy, and the calculator just presents them differently.

Should I Bet on 5 + 1 Bonus?

The player, at his discretion, can place a bet on 5 + 1 Bonus. This bet wins if your five cards and the dealer’s upcard form a three of a kind or a better combination. The minimum payout for 5 + 1 Bonus is 7: 1, while with a royal flush, you can win 1000x!

However, do not rush to bet on 5 + 1 Bonus. The house edge for this bet is 8.56%, which exceeds the value for the game itself. Thus, the 5 + 1 Bonus bet can be used if you want to compete for a bigger prize, but it can also increase the losses.


What is the Basic Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy?

Unlike other card games, at Caribbean Stud Poker you only have to make one decision per game round: whether to play the hand or not. You look at your five cards, one of the dealer’s cards, and make your decision on this basis.

For Caribbean Stud Poker, some strategies have been calculated to tenths of a percent, but they are better suited to mathematicians than players. Therefore, you, as a player, need to remember the main thing:

  • Always play a hand with a pair or better;
  • Always fold a hand weaker than Ace-King.

Thus, we have only one hand that requires more thoughtful decisions, namely Ace-King. But there is nothing complicated either. If you have Ace-King:

  • Call if the dealer’s upcard is from 2 to Queen and it matches the value of one of your three remaining cards;
  • Call if the dealer’s upcard is an Ace or a King, and your remaining three cards include a Queen or Jack;
  • Call if the dealer’s upcard does not match any of yours, you have a Queen, and the dealer’s upcard is worse than your fourth highest card.
  • Fold in all other cases.

Following this simple Caribbean Stud Poker strategy, you can keep the house edge to a minimum. On the contrary, if you mindlessly call on every hand, the house edge will rise to a whopping 16.6%! Of course, casinos would like all players to follow this “strategy,” but now they won’t separate you from your money so easily.


Where Can I Try Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy and Win?

Caribbean Stud Poker is one of the classic casino poker variations. Consequently, you can effortlessly find this game on almost all gambling sites, in different forms, and from different providers.

We, in turn, suggest you pay attention to LTC Casino. This casino supports the premium variation of Caribbean Stud Poker from Evolution Gaming, the leading provider of Bitcoin live dealer casino games. As for the casino itself, you will be able to withdraw your profits without any difficulties, regardless of whether you play with a winning strategy for Caribbean Stud Poker or not. Moreover, if you suddenly get bored with Caribbean Stud Poker, you can also find other popular card games, including blackjack, baccarat, and many poker variations.

Should I Play Caribbean Stud Poker with a Strategy?

Crypto poker is a fun game with a lot of potential. Indeed, not all card games can offer a 100x multiplication per hand. Still, Caribbean Stud Poker has an RTP of 96.3% and, in this respect, is inferior to blackjack. Therefore, if you decide to give Caribbean Stud Poker a try, be sure to follow a strategy as it will help you minimize the casino odds and increase the chances of winning!