Bitcoin Slots

Last Updated on September 27, 2022 by LTC Casino Editorial

Bitcoin slots are just plain fun. They range from very basic to very advanced, and have numerous genres and themes, so there is something for every type of player.

But why play a bitcoin slot machine instead of a regular one? Bitcoin slots are probably fair, and because they are built on the blockchain, they cannot be corrupted or cheated. When playing with cryptocurrencies the transactions are quite fast, and you can gamble anonymously.



How to find the best Bitcoin Slots

Crypto slots differ in several aspects, and before deciding which one to play, the player should consider which slot features they are most interested in, including:

  • Complexity Level

Some bitcoin slots are basic 3-reel games with simple and fairly basic lines. However, there are other slot games that are quite a bit more complex. More and more crypto slots allow you to play in a video game style and have the chance to win high prizes.


  • Slots by Theme

Bitcoin slots tend to be themed in a more or less generic way: there are slots from animated, historical, or magical worlds. But there are also slots whose themes are based on books and movies.


  • Gameplay variations

The best bitcoin slots offer several ways to play. These may include modes that allow you to increase game speed or continue playing until you reach a certain amount of winnings. Some regulators, however, require games to run at a specific speed, therefore not letting this be changed.


  • Bitcoin Jackpots

The best bitcoin casinos include jackpots in their slots. Some of these jackpots will be progressive, while others will be fixed.


  • House Edge in Bitcoin Slots

Before starting to play any slot you should look at the house edge. This house margin, or the house edge, corresponds to the probability of the house winning the game. For example, a house margin of 5% means that statistically speaking, 95% of the bets placed on the slot will be returned to the players, while the house will keep 5%. The house margin is also known as the return to player (RTP) rate.

The average house margin on an online slot ranges between 3% and 20%. However, in bitcoin slots, that house margin is usually reduced to around 1 to 4%. With more paylines in a slot, you reduce the house edge and therefore have a greater chance of winning.


  • Provably Fair Games and Security

Bitcoin slots are often referred to as provably fair. This term is used to describe crypto slots where the casino can check the results and confirm the game was played fairly, without any cheating occurring. Keep in mind that not all bitcoin slots are provably fair.

A provably fair game is based on a random number generator algorithm, which is essentially the same mechanism used in a traditional slot. A bitcoin slot machine, however, adds a hashing algorithm, which generates a unique random number associated with an individual bet.

Thanks to the blockchain, bitcoin slots can be tracked and analysed, so it is always possible to confirm that the amount you won is the exact amount you should have won. Thus, most bitcoin casinos provide games that are impossible to adulterate, either by the player, or by the casino itself. You should always check if the casino you are going to play at offers games supplied by reputable developers in order to ensure probably fair games.