Provably Fair Crypto Games

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Crypto casinos have much in common with traditional online casinos, but there are still some fundamental differences. Obviously, the main difference lies in the payment method. Supported games may also vary.

One could assume that relatively new crypto casinos offer fewer games than traditional online casinos. But the actual situation is radically different. Most casino games have been adapted to play for cryptocurrencies. However, crypto casinos also offer unique games that you won’t find at a regular online casino.

Those who want to learn more about such games will find all the details in this guide. In addition, we will reveal the best online casinos to play provably fair games for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Best Casinos Offering Provably Fair Crypto Games

Below, you can see a complete list of the best online casinos with provably fair crypto games. In addition to the regular titles, these casinos offer Dice, Plinko, Crash, Keno, Hilo, Minesweeper, Wheel of Fortune, and some other instant win games. You might also want to learn the best Plinko strategy before diving in.

The casinos from the list also provide bonuses so that you can try provably fair crypto games with an increased balance. Moreover, the best crypto casinos enable quick withdrawals to a myriad of wallets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, and Dogecoin.

How are Crypto Games Different from Traditional Ones?

The evolution of crypto games closely follows the development of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, cryptography breakthroughs are actively used both in cryptocurrencies and crypto games, making them faster, more transparent, and accessible.

The main difference between crypto games and ordinary ones is provably fair algorithms. These algorithms let you check the fairness of each round and make sure that the casino doesn’t interfere with the results.

What is a Provably Fair Casino Game?

Although casino games pass fairness tests, many players still doubt that their number generators produce random values. Indeed, after a losing streak, it’s easy to believe that the game is configured against you.

A provably fair system enables players to check the authenticity and randomness of each round. This system is widely used in crypto games.

The provably fair algorithm generates an encrypted key with the game results sent to the player. Subsequently, the player receives a decrypted version of the key to make sure that all in-game events were predetermined and the casino could not influence them. As a result, such games do not require verification or third-party support by analogy with cryptocurrencies.

How to Check Results in Provably Fair Games?

Checking the results in provably fair games is simple.

  • Before the game begins, you get the results in the encrypted form (serverseed). An unobstructed result would allow players to calculate all the actions in advance. That’s why you get the exposed value only after the round is finished. However, having the encrypted result ensures that the operator cannot change it in the process.
  • On top of that, your browser generates its own random clientseed. The clientseed can be changed manually to ensure that the operator doesn’t know it. In addition, there may be a nonce value that increases by one point with each round and helps keep them counting.
  • The casino will provide you with the serverseed in the decrypted form at the end of the gaming session. Using the casino’s tools or third-party instruments, you can easily confirm that the serverseed encryption produces the exact string that was given to you before the round started.
  • Thereafter, based on the serverseed and the clientseed, you can independently generate the results for each round and compare them with those that were produced during the game. Depending on the game, you may need to specify the nonce value to get the result for a particular round.

That’s how the provably fair crypto games work. Remember that the open serverseed, when encrypted, should provide the same result that the casino gave you before the game started. If this is the case, consider that the game has passed a check for provable fairness.

Most Popular Provably Fair Crypto Games for Bitcoin

The number of provably fair games for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is constantly growing. Among them, you can find both variations of traditional games and unique ideas that may be unavailable with conventional currencies.

Bitcoin Dice

Dice is one of the most popular casino games. The game turned to be a perfect match for provably fair algorithms, and now entire gambling sites concentrate exclusively on Bitcoin Dice.

Dice attracts with flexible risk settings. You decide whether to chase a big win with an increased chance of losing or settle for a smaller amount, which is easier to get.

Bitcoin Plinko

Plinko is best known from a renowned American TV show of the ’80s and a popular table game. However, thanks to the development of crypto casinos, you can now play Plinko for real money and hunt for big wins from the comfort of your own home.

Bitcoin Plinko employs a pyramid with a rolling ball. The ball bounces off the pins, changing direction in the process. In the end, it drops into one of the pockets. The farther the ball declines from the center, the higher the multiplier. Like other games on the list, Plinko operates under a provably fair algorithm and is available to play with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. You might want to consider Stake Plinko strategy if you are going to play this variation of the game.



Bitcoin Crash

Crash has become a real hit among cryptocurrency players. It is safe to say that the emergence of Bitcoin Crash games was possible thanks to the provably fair algorithms. Online casino players had never experienced anything like that before.

This is a simple game with large possible multipliers. In Crash, it all depends on the players’ luck and the moment when they decide to push the stop button. Every second the game continues, the multiplier grows. It can reach truly colossal values, sometimes even exceeding 10,000x!

The only problem is that no one knows when the game will end. The flight may end as soon as it starts – right around 1x. On the other hand, a single winning round may result in a massive payout and recoup all previous losses. With crash rocket gambling, it is easy to believe that the casino deliberately ends the game at the very moment when the player is about to collect the winnings. However, with provably fair algorithms, you can be sure that this is not the case.

Of particular interest is Crash from Pragmatic Play called Spaceman, and we even have a dedicated Spaceman strategy for it.


Bitcoin Keno

Keno is a good old lottery known to most players from childhood. Back then, many wondered if the organizer was cheating, leaving tickets with the most significant payouts to himself or his friends. Fortunately, cheating is impossible in crypto games thanks to the provably fair algorithms.

Bitcoin High-Low

In High-Low or Hilo, the player must guess whether the value of the next card will be higher or lower than of the one shown on the screen. The payout directly depends on the probability of getting a particular card. For example, if there is a five on the screen, the payout for the high card will be lower than for the low one.

High-Low is a simple yet exciting game. In High-Low, it’s you who decides whether to take the risk for a high payout or instead settle for a more humble but more likely win.

Bitcoin Minesweeper

Minesweeper is a game you most likely played many years ago on your desktop. Of course, you hardly supposed that someday you could win money in Minesweeper, but this has become the reality with the development of crypto casinos and the emergence of Bitcoin Minesweeper.

Bitcoin Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is another game that everyone knows from TV shows. Live host game shows from Evolution Gaming have significantly boosted the popularity of the Wheel of Fortune at online casinos. However, you also have the option to play the crypto version of this game based on a provably fair algorithm.

Provably Fair Bitcoin Roulette

It would be weird if crypto casinos did not create a provably fair version of Roulette. This is the same classic roulette adapted for playing with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that makes use of provably fair algorithms.

What Are the Main Advantages of Provably Fair Crypto Games?

If you haven’t tried provably fair crypto games yet, you may wonder why they are so popular. Indeed, in terms of graphics, provably fair games can be inferior to colorful slots and live shows broadcasted from a real studio. Nevertheless, provably fair games have amassed a vast follower base for several reasons.

  • Provable fairness. Naturally, the main feature of provably fair games is their algorithm. Cryptocurrency holders prefer to live by the principle “don’t trust, verify,” so provably fair games made a sensation among this category of players. Subsequently, provably fair games also gained popularity among casual players.
  • Native support for cryptocurrencies. Provably fair games are explicitly designed to play with cryptocurrencies, so you won’t have any trouble accessing them with your favorite digital assets. Moreover, provably fair games are often available for cryptocurrencies that are not supported in any other games.
  • Exciting gameplay. While provably fair games have a simplistic design, the game process does not suffer from that. Simply play a couple of rounds in Crash to see why provably fair games attract players even if they don’t have all the bells and whistles typical for other online casino games.
  • High multipliers. In some provably fair games, you can increase your stake by thousands of times!
  • Risk control. On the flip side, provably fair games provide increased risk control capabilities. Remember High-Low from the example above. You can choose to bet with a higher risk and higher potential payout, or you can choose a less risky option with a lower payout.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is fairness control ensured in crypto games?

Historically, crypto casinos developed games for their platforms themselves. However, some of these crypto casinos could be unknown to players. Consequently, there was a need to prove that they did not interfere with the game results. That’s why they started to use provably fair algorithms.

Interestingly, such algorithms remind cryptocurrencies by their design. At the beginning of the round, the player receives game results in the encrypted form. Accordingly, the casino can no longer change them. When the round is complete, the player also gets a decryption key. This way, they can compare algorithm-generated results with what actually happened during the game.

Is it possible to win in provably fair crypto games?

Provably fair crypto games are just another type of casino entertainment. Thus, the house edge for them remains positive, like in any other casino game. Nevertheless, the house edge in provably fair games rarely exceeds 1-2%, which is a good value for a player. Therefore, provably fair crypto games provide increased chances of winning compared to most other casino games.

What cryptocurrencies can I use to play provably fair games?

An essential advantage of provably fair games is a wide range of supported cryptocurrencies. Most often, online casinos allow playing provably fair games with any supported cryptocurrency. This number may be measured in dozens and exceeds a hundred for all casinos on our list!