Best Craps Strategies that Work at Live Casino

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You have probably heard that craps is one of the most profitable games for an Ethereum live casino player. This is true. It is also true that there is a wide variety of craps betting strategies. With relatively equal profitability, these strategies differ significantly in the level of risk, so players should select them individually, based on their preferences.  Here is our casino craps strategy guide to help beginners and more sophisticated players.

Craps Odds

At the craps table, you will find bets of different types. It is essential to understand that each bet has a certain return to player (RTP). Some are better suited for winning craps strategies, while others should be avoided whenever possible. If you stick to ineffective bets, craps can quickly turn from a profitable game into a money-eating machine.

The most profitable craps bets are Don’t come and Pass line with the house edge of 1.36% and 1.41%, respectively. On top of that, players can safely place bets on 6 and 8. These bets keep the house edge close to a minimum, so it will be harder to part you with your money compared to some other moves.

Craps Strategy: Basic Tips

Before you start playing with any casino craps betting strategy, familiarize yourself with the essential tips. They are equally valid for all strategies and help bring the house edge over the player as close to zero as possible.

  • Evaluate Your Bankroll: As with any game, you should weigh your bets against the bankroll. The player should never put $200 on the table if his balance is only $300. With such a suboptimal game, you will have no time to capitalize on any strategy to win at craps, while the results, in most cases, will be disastrous.
  • Review Minimum/Maximum Bet Limits: Depending on the chosen strategy, minimum and maximum bet limits can be potentially crucial for the player. If these limits do not match your strategy or bankroll, it may be better not to play live craps with this strategy or at a specific casino.
  • Set a Time Limit: Like other casino games, craps is highly engaging entertainment. This is especially true for strategy players who may play craps counting on a winning streak around the corner. Before you sit down at the table, set a time limit. It will help you stay in touch with reality and not lose too much in case of a nasty session.
  • Repeat Bets: We can write a lot about a winning craps strategy, but each player’s experience is unique. To see what works best for you, try placing the same bet multiple times.
  • Analyze your Results: This recommendation is a direct outcome of the previous one. At the end of the gaming session, analyze the results and see which bets and strategies bring you the best outcomes.

Craps players always work on their game since no strategy will help you win if you do not follow the basic principles of gambling.

Craps Strategies for Beginners

When you first start playing craps, you may be overwhelmed by the abundance of different bets and strategies. However, this is not a cause for concern, as you can follow a craps strategy for beginners. It captivates with the simplicity, but at the same time, is hardly inferior to more advanced strategies in terms of the effectiveness. These strategies include Pass line and Don’t pass line.

Pass Line Craps Strategy

The Pass line craps betting strategy is great for starters. The house edge against this strategy is only 1.41%! On top of that, the Pass line bet underlies other, more advanced strategies that you can master in the future.

The idea behind this strategy is to place bets on the Pass line sector before the initial roll. The “OFF” puck on the table will help you determine the right moment, indicating that the initial roll hasn’t been done yet.

Your bet will win on all 7s or 11s. The payout is 1:1. Values of ​​2, 3, and 12 results in an instant loss. In all other cases, the point will be set on the rolled number. The game continues until the point number is rolled for a win or a 7 for a loss.

Don’t Pass Line Craps Strategy

The Don’t pass line casino craps strategy is the exact opposite of the strategy we have just described. The Don’t pass bet in craps wins on the rolls of 2s and 3s and loses on 7s and 11s. Further, a 12 results in a tie, so the casino can maintain an advantage over the player.

After the point is set, you win on a 7 but lose if the point number appears before it. This approach is advantageous for the player as there are more ways to roll a 7 than any other craps combination. The house edge for the Don’t pass line strategy is only 1.37%, giving the player a good chance of winning.

You can openly choose between the Pass line and Don’t pass bets when playing online. However, in the real world, it often happens that most players bet on Pass line. Then the player who bets on Don’t pass becomes their opponent since he strives for the opposite outcome. Not everyone likes such aggravation at the table, so people tend to place bets on Pass line more often.

Mid-Difficulty Craps Strategies for Live Casino

Once you’ve learned the basics of craps, you may like to diversify your gaming experience. To that end, there are mid-difficulty craps strategies. Those strategies are not difficult to learn either, all the while allowing to keep the house edge close to zero. The mid-difficulty strategies include Betting on 6 and 8, the Odds strategy, and the Aggressive strategy.

Betting on 6 and 8

As we have already mentioned, there are more ways to roll a 7 than any other number. By frequency, next come 6s and 8s, so it may be a good idea to place bets on these sectors.

The house edge with this strategy is 1.52%. This is worse than the Pass line and Don’t pass strategies but better than the odds of many other casino games. That said, skilled players prefer not to place bets on other numbers, as the house edge is manifold greater for them. For example, bets on 5s and 9s give the casino an edge of 4%, while bets on 4s and 10s bring an insane 6.67%!

An essential advantage of the strategies described so far is that you do not need to place any additional bets while playing at online casinos. It allows you to enter the game with a relatively small bankroll and avoid adding bets beyond the planned limit.

The player can also use these strategies along with the Martingale or other betting systems. Since the payout for the bets above is mostly 1:1, you can try increasing stakes by a certain amount after each loss. With some luck, you can not only return the lost money but also get a profit. However, when using these systems, be careful and stop playing if the stakes become too high for you.

Craps Odds Strategy

The Pass line and Don’t pass line bets by themselves provide excellent odds for the player. But what if we say that along with them, you can place side bets for which the house edge will literally be zero? These bets are better described in the craps odds strategy.

Suppose you place a bet on the pass line and wait for the point to be set. Then you place a bet on the point itself. If your bet is successful, the payouts will be:

  • 6:5 for 6s and 8s;
  • 3:2 for 5s and 9s;
  • 2:1 for 4s and 10s.

As you can see, the payouts for each of the points directly depend on how easy it is to get this or that combination. However, in all cases, the advantage is equally divided between the player and the casino.

Naturally, online casinos do not want players to place large bets on sectors where the house edge is zero. Therefore, there is a rule that says the player can place limited bets on odds. In most casinos, it looks like this:

  • The player’s wager on points 4 and 10 can be 3 times higher than the Pass line bet;
  • For points 5 and 9 it can be 4 times higher;
  • For points 6 and 8 it can be 5 times higher.

The main disadvantage of the craps odds strategy is the possibility of losing all bets. If the shooter rolls out a 7, you will lose your Pass line bet and odds bets all together.

Aggressive Craps Strategy

The aggressive craps strategy is also known as Press-and-Pull. The player uses place bets to execute it, so he expects a certain number to come before a 7.

  • Suppose the player places a bet of $6 on a 6. The bet sizing is due to the specifics of the payout calculation. In this case, it will be 7:6 or $7.
  • Then the player takes away $1 and bets on a 6 again, now $12. If a 6 comes up before a 7, the winnings will be $14.
  • Thereafter, the player adds $4 from his own funds to the winnings and bets $30 on a 6.
  • If he is lucky again and wins another $35, he adds $1 to the total and wagers $66. When a 6 is rolled for the fourth time in a row, the payout will be $77, and the total winnings will amount to $143.

We have just looked at a situation when the player with a starting bankroll of only $10 turns it into an impressive win with the craps odds strategy. The only problem is that the chance of getting the desired number four times in a row is meager, so the player must be fully prepared to lose the money.

Advanced Craps Strategies

Seasoned players who would like to try something else should try an advanced craps strategy. These strategies may not even necessarily yield better than simpler variations. But they will definitely help make your gaming experience more diverse and prevent a significant advantage in favor of the casino. These are 3 Point Molly, Iron Cross, Hedge Bets, and Lay Bets.

3 Point Molly Strategy

3 Point Molly Strategy is another aggressive strategy that requires the player to invest heavily and lose before hitting a big reward. The player should place the maximum bets on sectors with reasonable probabilities. Multiple small wins can potentially cover losses from unsuccessful bets.

  • To implement the 3 Point Molly strategy, you should initially place a bet on the Pass line. After the point is set, the player must place the maximum allowable bet on the point number alongside the Come bet.
  • If the following number is not the point, a 7 or an 11, the rolled number will be your second point. Move the Come bet to this new point and place the maximum bet on it, then replace the Come bet. Thus, you will have bets on the Come bet, the Pass line, the point, and one more number.
  • Subsequently, place a bet on one more number drawn if it is not a 7, an 11, or one of the two numbers you have already covered. 
  • Keep playing until a 7, an 11, or the point is rolled.

3 Point Molly allows you to take an active part in the game and can bring some decent wins, especially if the shooter consistently rolls the same values.

Iron Cross

The Iron cross strategy enables winning frequently, but a roll of a 7 results in a loss of all bets.

You place bets after the initial roll when the point is set. Cover all numbers except a 7. You need to make a field bet, which covers the numbers 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12. Furthermore, place additional bets on 5, 6, and 8. Thus, out of 36 possible combinations, 30 will be winning to you. The remaining 6 combinations result in a 7, which is equivalent to a disaster in this case.

Let’s say you bet $10 on a 5, $10 on the field, $12 on a 6, and $12 on a 8. So, your total bet is $44.

Iron cross is a fun strategy that allows you to immerse yourself in action with frequent wins. Nevertheless, one roll of a 7 will be enough to show why this strategy is so dangerous. Thus, the player can use Iron cross periodically but not as a long-term strategy.

Hedge Bets

Each craps bet has its drawbacks. For example, you can use Iron cross and win often. However, on a 7, you will lose all your funds.

For this reason, some players try to hedge existing bets by covering weak spots. For instance, you could bet $6 on an 8 and $2 on a 7. On an 8, you win $7, but you lose $2 from your bet on 7s. On the other hand, if the roll results in a 7, you lose $6, but win $8, since a 7 pays 4:1.

However, the possible combinations are not limited to 7s and 8s. If any other number comes up, you will lose $2 from the bet on any 7, while the $6 bet on any 8 remains until the shooter lands a 7 or an 8. In this scenario, you would have to add a new $2 on a 7 to hedge the bet on an 8 again.

While using Hedge bets may seem like a safe strategy, it is a very unprofitable approach in practice. Players who hedge weak bets open up other, even weaker spots. Better avoid Hedge bets as you don’t want to increase the house edge unnecessarily.

Lay Bets

Place bets enable you to place a bet on a specific number. Lay bets, on the other hand, allow you to bet against a particular number.

For example, you noticed that 4s and 10s came up frequently. Therefore, you expect that the shooter will no longer drop them any time soon. In this case, you place Lay bets against a 4 and a 10. You win if a 7 comes before these numbers and lose if it comes after.

Lay bets come with an additional 5% fee, as 7s are rolled more often than any other number. This fee allows the casino to eliminate the loss in advantage. The average house edge for Lay bets is 2.5-3.5%. 

As you can see, Lay Bets are less profitable than some other bets. However, if you still decide to use them, it is preferable to bet against 4s and 10s since these numbers give the casino a minimal advantage.

Which is the Best Strategy for Winning?

We’ve looked at many craps strategies, but players may still have a question: how do you start winning? It all depends on your preferences and bankroll.

Surprisingly, the most profitable craps strategies are the simplest ones: Pass line and Don’t pass line. With a small budget, we recommend paying attention to the Betting on 6 and 8 strategy. It is rather straightforward but may bring high payouts in a short time.

If you have already experienced these strategies, try more complex things that also provide a good chance of winning. In any case, players are better off avoiding low odds strategies like Hedge bets.


Where Can I Play Craps and Win?

After studying the online craps strategy guide, you are fully prepared to conquer this thrilling game. It remains to decide on a place for the game.

To start playing craps, we recommend LTC Casino. The site supports a craps game from Evolution Gaming, a leading provider of live dealer games. On top of that, there you will find other Evolution’s games, including Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat. More importantly, you won’t have any problems withdrawing funds, no matter which craps betting strategy you choose.

Is Craps Worth Playing with a Strategy?

Craps is a unique crypto dice game that any lover of Bitcoin live casino games should try. However, many players avoid it due to the abundance of bets and moves. Those fortunate enough to obtain a simple craps strategy guide successfully master the game and win, citing a high return to player and unique gameplay as its key benefits!